​Enrolment at UNSW is a two-step process.

Step 1: Annually enroll in your courses for the year (enrolment opens in October each year)

Step 2: Register for your individual classes for each course (i.e. select your timetable).

  • Class registration is done on a term by term basis. 

If you have not registered for classes by Tuesday of Week 1, you will be automatically dropped from course enrolment. UNSW will contact you before that happens so make sure you check your student emails regularly, or forward them to your personal account. 

Late enrolments will only be accepted until Sunday of Week 1 so if you need to re-enroll in a particular course you need to act quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: For International Student Visa Holder’s, not being enrolled may have visa and academic progression implications. If you are an International Student Visa Holder, you must enroll in at least 48 units of credit (eight courses) over the three terms.