How to Adult | Ace That interview

by Maejoy Obach (HR Intern)

Find out as much about the interview as possible

·          Identify the interviewers. What are their names and job titles?

·          How long will the interview be?

·          What format will they use?

·          What do you need to bring on the day?

Conduct further research on the organisation and the position

·          How much do you know about the organisation and position?

·          Why do you want to join them? Why are you interested in the role?

·          Prepare 4-5 questions to ask the interviewers.

Review your cover letter, resume and selection criteria

·          Be prepared to elaborate on your experience.

·          Consider the links between your previous roles and the new position.

Revisit the selection criteria for the role

·          Prepare examples for each criteria using the STAR approach.

·          Consider the ways you would handle a question about a negative situation.

·          Consider what are your “selling points”. What can you bring to the organisation?

·          Why should they offer you the position among all the applications?

Explore common interview questions

·          Prepare a response for each:

·          Tell us about yourself?

·          What are your strengths and weaknesses?

·          Where do you see yourself in 3/5/10 years?

Additional Support

UNSW Careers and Employment offer free one-on-one consultations on interview preparation and other career planning skills.