How To Adult | Start Your Career as an Artist

by Loc Nguyen (S1 Kudos Intern)

Ready to (finally) put yourself out there as an artist? Here are a few quick tips to help you on your way!

Australian Business Number (ABN) 

  • Applying for an ABN is free
  • Can be done at

  • Used for invoices and claiming tax 

 National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) 

  • NAVA is a great tool for finding information in regards to grants, proposal writing, and they aim to discuss and advocate policies that strengthen the contemporary art sector in Australia


Online Profile or Website 

  • Artist website, professional Instagram, LinkedIn, Loop, etc.

  • Share your work, achievements and career online 

  • Accessible way for future employers/collaborators to see what you do 


  • Attending different networking events so that you can meet other future collaborators (artists, designers, curators, producers, etc.) 

  • Be confident to reach out to other people in the industry (even through email) - you would be interested to find that there are people who are willing to network with you just as much as you want to network with them 

  • Gallery opening nights – Kudos Gallery has an exhibition opening Tuesday nights every 3 weeks