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If you haven't already got a Linked-In page, it's time to board the train! Linked-In is your short-cut to connecting to recruiters and other professionals in your field and if your page is poppin' they might just reach out to you! 

1)      Pick a Pic

A profile picture is a must! The picture should be of only you, have a light and plain background and be of a professional nature. The aim should be to look competent and friendly. To really make your profile pop, include a work-based cover photo such as a group photo from an event you ran.

2)      Headliner

This section will automatically fill with your current job title, but to pop up in searches for jobs you’re interested in, you should edit it to include keywords that will come in searches. This headline is the very first thing a viewer will see about you after your picture, so it needs to not only be about the work you are currently in, but also the work you are looking for. Aim for 2 punchy lines and it’s totally fine to use first person.

3)      Personal Details

This seems like a straight forward one, but here are a few extra tips you might not have thought about. You want to make sure your name covers all bases, if you regularly go by a different or varied version of your name in the workplace or if you have a maiden name it’s a good idea to include this in parentheses so you are searchable.

4)      Sometimes broad it best

When it comes to location, it’s best to keep it broad. You don’t want to give recruiters any reason to think you might not be interested and it gives you the chance to appear in more searches. However, some employers make searches based on location, so it is good to have something broad listed than nothing at all. Similarly to location, you want to keep your industry field broad so that you can appear in more searches. For example, listing “Finance” instead of “Banking” to expand your reach with potential recruiters. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show off your areas of expertise, reference it in your professional headline but keep yourself in a broad search field.

5)      When to be specific

Try and include a few stats to impress . Whether you raised $100,000, engaged 40,000 people or increased engagement by 20%, using case studies and figures is a great way to give examples of your skills and give credibility to them. Remember, this is your online resume.

6)      Customise

Take time to make your page a showcase of you. Customise your LinkedIn URL link for a clean look when you include it in your resume.

7)      Updates

This isn’t limited to when you get a new job, promotion or are published in an article/newspaper for a great achievement. You should also be updating your page by stripping it back. Make sure to remove any skills that are no longer relevant and anything more than five years old. Whenever you have a workplace achievement, it’s also a good time to request a new recommendation from someone you worked with, but don’t be afraid to choose not to show it or request a revision if it doesn’t really sell you and take any old ones down that no longer encapsulate everything you have to offer. Your LinkedIn network will receive newsfeed and email notifications when you update your profile, so updating regularly will keep you in your networks mind.

8)      Add a “Summary Section”

This space acts as your final sell. It can include career highlights, specialties and links to published articles or other multimedia. Keep in mind, the useful shelf life for professional skills is only five years.

9)      Be a groupie

By joining groups relevant to your profession you will instantly boost your industry connections. You will be clued in on upcoming networking events and relevant discussions. You also want to aim to have at least 50 connections without adding people you don’t know (If enough people reject your request LinkedIn can shut down your account). Having less than 50 connections can signal to an employer you are recluse or not tech-savvy.

Give your Linked-In a makeover