Dares for Donations

THU 4 JULY 12pm-2pm 2019

Kids in the hospital must be brave and do scary things all the time; needles, painful procedures, yucky tasting medicine, strange sounding machines, isolation rooms. 

The Child Life and Music Therapy team work tirelessly helping these sick kids to feel safe, empowered and have fun. Therefore we hosted Dares for Donations so we can raise much-needed funds for this amazing team and had the following brave people face their fears (check out the photos of our courageous fundraisers below):

Alice- the fearless leader of Phil' 2019 had CAKE thrown in her FACE by her highest donor.  

Nika- is Phil’ student volunteer so you might recognise her face from on-campus fundraising. Nika is doing the City2Surf. Nika faced her fear of snakes and raised an incredible $1,092.59

Emma – Phil’ Team Leader, spends her spare time organising Phil’ events. Emma faced her fear of snakes and exceeded her target of $300; she raised $315.09.

Daniella- Phil' student volunteer and ArtsSoc President ate a bug and surpassed her target of $200 and raised $500. Go Danni!

Megan – Phil’ student volunteer, has raised $355.78 if she reaches the target of $500 she will cut her long hair into a bob. She plans on donating her hair.

Ysabel– UNSW Student had CAKE thrown in her FACE, her target was to raise $300, she has now raised $313.91

Will – works at Blitz and he also held a snake and even kissed it for more donations!

Anna- the lovely Anna who also works for Arc ate a cockroach and has raised $483.31.

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