Meet the Coordinator and Editors

India Howard


Hello! My name is India Howard and I am your Student Cookbook Coordinator for 2019! I am very excited to be working on this project and hope to bring the ultimate cookbook with the most delicious, easy and enjoyable recipes. My vision for this year's cookbook is to have an 'organized international' theme, whereby the book will be split into your five main meal categories; breakfast, lunch, differ, dessert and beverages. However, the focus will be based on finding recipes that match these categories from all over the world, whereby both international and local students will get the chance to find a love for a new cuisine but will also manage to find what they already know and love!

I was previously the Festival of Sport (now Day of Play) Coordinator in 2018 and have come back to Arc in this new role and as a Sports Officer for Arc Sport. I am currently in my fourth year in the Bachelor of Psychological Science majoring in Psychology. May interests are sailing, skiing, cooking, baking, travelling and the French language and culture.

Vintii Aggarwal


Hello! My name is Vintii Aggarwal and I am one of your editors for 2019. I am a self-professed health enthusiast and am really keen to share my tips and tricks for eating healthy and delicious meals on a student schedule (always crunched for time). I have trained extensively in preparing plant-based meals and managing oneself on a plant based lifestyle.

I am also an Abstract Fine Artist and am studying a Masters of Commerce and Marketing Analytics at UNSW. I really enjoy training at the gym and it’s a ritual I take very seriously.

10 years ago, I decided to embark on a zero white flour, dairy free, zero-refined sugar and gluten-free diet and never looked back. I aim to show all of the time-constricted and extremely ambitious UNSW students how to care for their bodies (and soul) with simple, easy and healthy recipes.

Did I mention I am an avid fan of the TV series, “Masterchef Australia”, which is where I first fell in love with Australia

Justine Ching


Hi there! I’m Justine and one of 2019's editors for the Student Cookbook! I’m a Commerce/Arts student that is constantly thinking about food. I self-identify as the Matt Preston of cooking; not actually a chef, but an adequate home cook with high standards and impeccable style (minus the comb-over). I am a big fan of fusion cooking that can combine the best flavours of different cultures into mouth-watering dish.

Besides eating, my other hobbies include reading, writing puns and scouring Sydney and beyond for the best brunch spots. This year, I’m hoping to share my love of food with the rest of the UNSW community. The best meals are always enjoyed in the company of others

Tiffany Gozal


Hello, I'm Tiffany and I'm one of the editors of the Student Cookbook for 2019. I'm an Art and Design student with an unhealthy obsession for food and everything related to it. When I'm not busy screaming at all of my assignments, I'm in the kitchen baking some sort of sweet or the other, or perusing through the numerous cooking videos I've got on waitlist. I enjoy other hobbies, like reading and writing, and catching up on memes, all the while staring into my cup of tea lovingly. I hope that I'm able to share just how special food is to my heart, the storiesthat each dish holds and that my contributions bring people a step closer to enjoying, loving food. After all, a love for food is the sincerest form of love there is!

Meet the Graphic Designers

Sandra Simmons

Hello! Sandra here, one of the graphic designers for this year's Student
Cookbook! I'm currently in my second year of studying Design, majoring
in graphics and spatial design. When I'm not buried in assignments, you
can find me doing anything creative, thinking of cats, and of course,
baking/eating good food. Looking forward to bringing you an awesome
cookbook design this year!

Angela Li

Hey! I’m Angela, one of the graphic designers for the 2019 Student Cookbook! I’m currently studying Science (International) with a minor in Spanish and love experiencing food from different cultures. I enjoy baking and trying new recipes but am low key afraid of popping oil which proves to be a challenge. When I’m not at uni or hanging out at home, I’m practising aerial acrobatics (and no, unfortunately I am not good enough to run away and join the circus).

In my culture, food is what brings people together and I hope that our cookbook will do the same!

Meet the Sponsorship and Marketing Team

Carmen Truong

Hey, I’m Carmen and I’m doing marketing and sponsorship for the 2019 Student Cookbook. I’m currently studying PR and Advertising at UNSW. When I’m not having an existential crisis over assessment tasks, you can find me enjoying the best roads NSW has to offer in the cutest car ever built, eating way too much food (or traveling to eat way too much food), obsessing over fountain pens or chugging vast amounts tea in every form.

I love food, I’m especially in love with all the unique ingredients Australia has to offer the culinary world. I believe the taste of food is the most noticeable, but texture is what gets me most excited. I also trained as a chef and was for a brief period working some of my favourite dining spots in Sydney. The stomach is the way into person’s heart right?

Emma Chow

I’m Emma, a fourth year Commerce/Economics student who is part of the Sponsorship and Marketing team for the Student Cookbook this year! An avid brunch lover, especially fascinated with Asian-fusion cafes, and hoping to spend more time this year learning to cook more than just Japanese chicken curry!

Meet the Photographers

Jeanne Yang

Hey hey! I’m Jeanne and I am one of the photographers for this year’s
cookbook. I was also part of last year’s team if I do seem familiar. I’m
currently in my last year of my Science/Art degree and I major in Food
Science so it’s no surprise I love food. Whilst I don’t really cook I
love taking photos of food as well as people interacting with food. My
other hobbies include music and art mediums and I definitely enjoy a
good dog photo!

Kawai Lin

Hi! I’m Kawai and I am one of the photographers for the 2019 Student
Cookbook. I am studying Commerce/Fine Arts (yes, I know it’s an
interesting/weird combination). I love photographing anything really,
but especially in macro. I don’t really cook but I love good food and
I’m open to trying new foods especially from other cultures. Other than
photography, my very recent hobby includes painting with water colours
and also lettering.

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