Join the 2020 Cookbook team

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Love all things food? Who doesn't? 

Volunteering with the Student Cookbook is perfect for food lovers interested in taking their passion for food to the next level.

Delicious and delightful volunteers edit, design, photograph recipes and then throw a huge launch party (with an abundance of food of course) to celebrate the product of all your hard work.

Depending on what area you're involved in, you'll have the chance to work in an awesome team of fellow foodies to gain and develop invaluable communication, time-management, editing, publishing, designing, photography and even event planning skills.

Did we mention that there's food involved? Lots and lots of food.

Volunteering with the Student Cookbook is also recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).


Intake | Applications closed at the moment!

Time commitment | 2-3 hours per week

Pick up the 2019 Student Cookbook from Arc Reception