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Exercise Routine

Finding your exercise routine can be quite difficult, but with the right attitude, knowledge and exercise gear you’ll be able to get into a healthy and fun routine that suits your schedule and lifestyle. 

You’ll soon find that exercise isn’t a chore and that it can be fun and incredibly rewarding. Just remember: know what you like, keep things simple and don’t miss a workout. Even committing to something small everyday can benefit you. As they say, no matter how slow you go you’re lapping everyone on the couch! Follow these simple steps to find your exercise routine... Happy training!

1. Bring a friend

Having a friend with you makes exercise fun, because you can make it social. Also, it’s easy to convince yourself not to train, but having someone there to make you accountable for your decisions will motivate you to stick to your goals.

2. Make it competitive

If you’re a competitive person, use this competitiveness to your benefit by competing with everyone and everything. Going for a jog? See if you can beat some of the cars on the road to the next set of lights. 

3.Listen to audiobooks & podcasts

Listening to audiobooks only when working out will motivate you to train again in order to find out what happens in the rest of the story. If you don’t train, you don’t hear the end of the story. Simple and effective! 

Podcasts are also a great alternative and can make it feel like you're training with friends. Some of our faves are:

This American Life99% Invisible
Comedy Bang! Bang!How did this get made?

Put it on paper

Writing down what you want to achieve, short or long term, will motivate you to complete your goals. Seeing a tick next to items on your list is very satisfying, but perhaps what’s even more motivating than that is wanting to avoid a big red cross!


Want more tips to keep motivated? Here’s a list of awesome things you can do to keep your motivation up:

  • Create a fun training/exercise playlist

  • Build activity into your daily routine

  • Create a reward system 

  • Wear something that makes you feel good

  • Celebrate your achievements (no matter how small!)

  • Set goals 

  • Remember why your started

  • Try group fitness

  • Learn a new skill

  • Give yourself micro-challenges

  • Work out with people who will cheer you on

  • Make whatever you do to exercise your favourite thing

  • Keep track of your success

Happy training!

Reward System

  1. Set benchmarks and reward yourself consistently when you reach them.
  2. Make your rewards meaningful to you. This way you'll feel motivated to reach your goals in order to get that reward.
  3. Remember: small rewards for reaching small goals work most effectively, because you're rewarding yourself for consistently reaching your benchmarks.
  4. Don't use food as a reward. Using food as a reward for exercise is very risky because it's so easy to give into the habit

Now that we have a general idea of how to incorporate a reward system into your training plan, it’ll be helpful to have some examples of good rewards: 

Small Rewards

Put $5 in a jar (to spend on a bigger reward later on!)  

Treat yourself to a movie of your choice 

Sleep in  

Have a relaxing bubble bath  

Pick out a new pot plant for your room or garden  

Medium Rewards  

Treat yourself to a massage  

Have a manicure/pedicure  

Get a new workout outfit  

Buy a new set of dumbbells or fitness gear  

Download a new fitness app  

Buy a new pair of sunnies  

Big rewards  

Get yourself an iPod 

Buy a Fitbit 

Take a healthy cooking class  

Hire someone to clean the house  

Book a session with a personal trainer  

Try a new class, like Yoga or Zumba  

Have a weekend getaway

The most important part of incorporating a reward system is to be honest with yourself. Focus on building a habit and not just finding a way to get the reward. This way you’re more motivated which will make it more likely that you’ll get into the habit of exercising regularly.

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