Feel The Burn


In this workout, you will take away the high impact and focus on burning up the core, legs and upper body through strength moves. Things may get shaky!

Beginners: Remember to take options if shaking of the arms, core or legs occurs, this is safer than continuing with bad form/posture. You will still get a great workout with options and as you get stronger, you will be able to see progress using full options throughout!

What you need

Mat/towel, water bottle, a pair of trainers, comfortable clothing and tunes! A step (from stairs or front door.)


60 secs Toe taps on steps (option to take jump out)

60 secs Calf raises

60 secs squat pulses (option to pulse higher for less intensity)

30 secs lunge pulses (option to pulse higher for less intensity)

30 secs lunge pulses (option to pulse higher for less intensity)

60 secs ladder runs (a power march on the spot)

60 secs walking plank (normal plank or else plank on the knees)

60 secs pulse crunches (rest and relax and come back into the pulses when ready)

30 secs butterfly kicks (place chest back on the ground, do ten kicks and rest, then return to kicks)

30 secs lats pull backs

Repeat up to three times, take options if needed!

Home Workout Disclaimer

You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before starting an exercise program. You are choosing to undertake these workouts consenting to the following:

☑️ I understand that there is a risk of injury associated with participating in any new fitness routine and especially the ArcSport SHE CAN home workouts.

☑️ I hereby assume full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that I incur while attending, exercising or participating in ArcSport activities. I hereby waive all claims against ArcSport, its instructors, or partners of individually or otherwise, for any and all injuries, claims or damages that I might incur.

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