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Welcome to the Equity Office! Our team is here to assist you with support and guidance in practices and other factors that have resulted in inequitable outcomes.  

The Vice-President is responsible for addressing any equity-related issues via the PGC call-back form or other modes of communication. The Vice-President is also responsible for representing equity-related to appropriate working committees within UNSW such as the UNSW EDI Committee and Student Development Committee (SDC). In addition, our office is responsible for organising event(s) to that promote the knowledge or interests of postgraduate students who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, LGBTQIA+, Female, non-binary, having a disability or any part of any minority or disadvantaged group.  

Our Committee Liaison is responsible for organising events, workshops and seminars alongside the Vice-President to provide support to postgraduate students in Equity related areas. The Liaison officer is also responsible for conducting all necessary administrative duties.  

We are here to listen to your needs and ensure that UNSW remains a welcoming and supportive environment for people from all walks of life.  

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Are you neurodiverse or living with a physical / mental health condition that impacts your studies or are you a carer for someone with these conditions? UNSW is here to help! Equitable Learning Services is a free and confidential service that provides practical support to ensure your mental or physical health conditions do not adversely affect your studies. 

Register with Equitable Learning Services 

Are you feeling overwhelmed and need someone to talk to? UNSW Psychology and Wellness provides free and confidential telehealth and face to face counselling sessions.  

UNSW Psychology and Wellness 

If you are a victim of gendered violence or are a witness to an incident, you may make a report through the UNSW Gendered Violence Portal.

UNSW Gendered Violence Portal  

If you have been discriminated against or harassed by a member of staff or another student because of your race, religion, sexuality, age, disability or gender and wish to make a complaint, you can refer to the processes outlined in UNSW Student Complaints.

UNSW Student Complaints

PGC is working closely with UNSW to better advocate for Postgraduate students who are parents and will update this space in due time.  

Supporting UNSW's Parents

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PGC Vice-President Equity

Gurpreet Hansra

PGC Equity Committee Liaison

Nitharsaa Ambalavanar