The 2022 VU Team


For all things external and partner-related, our VU Coordinator Sumyukta has you covered.


Our VU Coordinator Grisha handles student engagement and communications.


Our Student & Community Engagement Coordinator here at Arc UNSW loves to help students find their WHY and bring our events to life!


Amogh is part of the Partner's Team! Whether it's sunny or snowy outside, he loves to eat watermelon and drink coconut water!


The Volunteers team wouldn't be anything without Diego's dramatics! He loves frolicking in cliffside meadows to Kate Bush songs!


The Partner's team wouldn't be the same without Charlie! We wish him luck on his journey for applying to Masterchef, The Survivor and The Bachelor!


The Volunteers team is lucky to have Irene. Unfortunately, her family does not share the same luck while ice skating: too many fractured bones!


Kat is our resident chef in the Volunteers team! She loves experimenting with new cuisines and always enjoys a culinary challenge!


With a plethora of talents, Hannah bring a wealth of skills to the Partner's team! Next up on her list of skills to acquire is how to use Pinterest and Tumblr!

Kei Fu

The atmosphere of the Volunteers team would not be the same without Kei Fu's musical stylings. As a self-taught guitarist, he loves to spread joy through his music!


What would the Partner's team do without James' dry humour and jokes?! Growing up watching musicals such as Les Misérables and Wicked, he loves talking about theatre!


A musical genius in the making, Vivian has been listening to classical music before she was even born! Now in her spare time, she loves to play the piano and help out the Partner's Team!


Vivi loves to spend time in nature, and contributing to the Volunteers team! She can handle anything and we know because she drinks vinegar straight from the bottle!


Last but not least, meet Nathan! Nathan is a part of the Partner's team and we know he's full of wisdom because he had to get his wisdom tooth removed twice!

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