The 2023 VU Team

Aleina & Vivienne

Aleina handles the heart of VU, our volunteers ♡ and Vivienne works with our superstar partners ☆


Here is the Volunteer Team's resident cutie! She's a 2nd year Bachelor of Engineering (Civil with Architecture) student who loves Formula One and live music brings her to life! She also loves staring at nature and has an excellent sense of smell


As the assigned comedian of the Partners Team, Sarthak here spends his time watching Psychological thrillers, musicals, and going on trail walks. He's also a 3rd year Bachelor of Science (Maths)/Arts (Philosophy) student!


Cathy's the life of the Partner Team's party (edit: our weekly meetings)! She's a 2nd year in Media/Commerce who has a Black belt in taekwondo and was born in South Korea! She also likes painting which is pretty neat.


This is the Volunteer Team's speed reader! Olivia is a 2nd year Commerce student from Singapore who's seen every marvel movie, and she read 108 books in 2021!


The Partners Team is lucky to have Tanvi, even though she's never been to IKEA ☹︎ but on the plus side, she's learning her 6th language (German) right now! Although she's a busy 3rd year Psychology student, she likes binding and reading hardcover books!


Here's the Volunteer Team's little brother! He's a 1st year Engineering student who loves exploring, but has never seen snow (we'll fix that soon enough!) and can roll his R's

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