Arc@UNSW has announced an inaugural Indigenous Strategy outlining the commitment of the organisation to establishing a culturally competent and inclusive future by developing meaningful relationships and strengthening engagement between Arc and the First Nations Community of UNSW by 2025.  

As the UNSW student organisation, the Arc mission is to create the best student experience and has created two specific long-term goals for the Arc Indigenous Strategy to reflect that mission; to Develop Meaningful Relationships and Strengthen Engagement with the UNSW Indigenous Community. The Strategy outlines a consultation framework and practical opportunities to embed inclusive best practice in all areas of Arc operations.  

Of the strategy, Arc CEO Shelley Valentine says, “At Arc we pride ourselves on our relationship with students and are always striving to make sure that the experiences and opportunities that we offer are inclusive of everyone”. 

“We’re looking forward to reaching our goals of forming more meaningful connections with the UNSW Indigenous Community and the local Indigenous Community that will continue to strengthen and grow.” 

Chair of the Arc Board for 2019 – 2020, Benjamin Jones, says, “Arc is incredibly proud to introduce our first Indigenous strategy. We hope people will use the launch of this strategy as an opportunity to engage further with First Nation’s culture.” 

The Arc Indigenous Strategy is the first of its kind at an Australian student organisation, and certainly one of the first in the world. It will continue the company’s tradition of inclusive best-practice for in years to come.  

Ben Jones welcome contributions, “If in reading the strategy you have any ideas of events, programs, initiatives that align with the strategy please reach out!” 

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