Kudos Is Transforming

Kudos is Transforming in 2021

Since 1998, Kudos Gallery has been host to some of Sydney's most innovative and dynamic artists, designers, curators and writers, creating a bridge between students at UNSW Art & Design and the broader arts community.

Sadly, at the end of 2020 Kudos Gallery will be closing its doors one last time at no.6 Napier Street Paddington. Our physical space has allowed us to host countless innovative exhibitions, buzzing opening nights, experimental public programming, and energising workshops. The gallery has seen students come through the doors as visitors, volunteers, exhibitors, curators, and critics and find the creative tools to take with them to develop their emerging arts careers. Art & Design manager Kieran Butler reflects that,

There is no other way to describe the feeling of closing Kudos Gallery other than bittersweet and heartbreaking. Kudos Gallery has provided a home and safe space for so many, a place to live our truths, experiment and expand our practices – myself included. While this decision is undeniably sad, it is a necessary decision in order to ensure that Kudos will live on into the future and continue to support the next generation of emerging artists, designers, writers and curators. The financial impact of the global pandemic on Arc has been so great that it is no longer financially viable to run Kudos Gallery in the same way. So, we are embracing change, looking to the silver linings of our context, and taking this as an opportunity to run a program unlike one we have run before.

The decision to close our Paddington premises will allow Kudos to continue to evolve and adapt to the needs of our artists, designers, curators and writers in our present time and context. This decision will enable Kudos to prioritise remuneration of our artists, designers, writers and curators, and to provide a more accessible and sustainable future at Kudos.

But it’s not all sad news, if this year has taught us anything it’s that the creative arts community doesn’t need to be confined to a dedicated physical space; instead it finds new, experimental, and fluid ways to prosper. Next year Kudos will live on as a super exciting satellite program with;

  • Offsite pop-up exhibitions and projects
  • Kudos Online Exhibitions
  • Kudos Online Shop
  • Public Programs
  • Workshops
  • Kudos Emerging Artist, Designer, Critic and Curator Awards
  • and more!

We’re going to continue what we do best which is providing dynamic opportunities for students to find their local arts communities and to kick start their emerging arts careers.

As artist and curator Naomi Segal captures it;

Having volunteered, exhibited and curated for Kudos Gallery during the entirety of my degree, I cannot overstate its significance to my growth as a member of the art community... being awarded the 2018 Girl Genius Award and mentorship from Tess Allas and Miranda Samuels was a personal landmark that bolstered my sense of competence and deservedness as both an artist and person. ”

And Kudos Gallery Coordinator, Audrey Pfister says:

Kudos Gallery has always been the launchpad for arts students, and a safe place to play, experiment, test, and share creative ideas. It’s always been rewarding to see students come through this space and watch their skills and confidence completely grow.”

We know how important this space has been to our community, and we’re just as heartbroken to see it go, so please share with us your testimonials, favourite memories, or sentimental goodbyes here.

Kudos Gallery will remain open for visitors at no.6 Napier Street Paddington until Saturday 19 December 2020. You can book a ticket for your visit to Kudos Gallery IRL via the link below.

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