In A/Temporal Moment

Group Exhibition

In A/Temporal Moment | Group Exhibition

The Artists: 

Zi Qin (Leon), Jy Martin, Emily Best, Tessa Walker-Charles, Eva Payne, Anika Campbell, Cassia Glynn Bray, Max Dening, Astrid Bell, Becky Heaton

Exhibition Opening Event:

Wednesday 5 May 6pm - 8pm RSVP essential.

Opening night performances by:
Grease Fire - 6:15pm
FBH - 6:45pm
Circle Squirt - 7:15pm

Exhibition duration:

05 May - 15 May 2021

Bookings essential:

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AD Space is located in E-Block at UNSW Art & Design. Entry Via Gate 1 Cnr Oxford Street and Greens Rd, Paddington. Accessible entry via Gate 3 on Greens Rd, Paddington.About the Exhibition:

A moment here and a moment there; a moment of emotions that exist beyond time and space.
It is now forever.

The exhibition is created by a group of emergent artists, testing their voices in society through daily experiences. Unrestricted by the definition of age, they accentuate unconventional individuality in every temporal moment. As each artist experiences own journey of reflection and self-doubt, the group embodies enthusiasm as a collective theme towards the infinite flow of time: atemporality becomes a direct expression of emotion.

When the body has set a time-limit on life, the desire to be heard becomes stronger. Refusing to be labelled by the age of certainty, the artists are motivated by temporality to challenge social boundaries and redefine themselves as who they want to be. Their individual understandings of moment may differ, but their exploration of past and present lives forever as a generation for which presence is fact and absence is truth.

By considering beginning as the end and the end as the beginning, this exhibition explores time, both the eternal and the ephemeral; encouraging us to reconsider the concept of eternity as centring around a moment.

Looking into their bodies, they feel time passing them, pushing them forward.


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