Second Visit

Mark Mailler


Exhibition opening Wednesday 07.10.20 @ 6pm
Via Facebook live stream
Exhibition continues 08.10.20 - 24.10.20


Space two

The most plausible distinction between human and machine is in the catalysts of their movements. While machines are constrained by algorithms of data, humans have the ability to move with emotion and logic. Our instinctual mode drives us to explore, exchange and understand one another. We feed off and belong to the emotional system we live in, we do not survive alone. This force of togetherness begins the collective experiment of how we begin to form and rationalise meaning within relationships. Idiosyncrasies take precedent as emotions become our main gage of comprehension, rationalising our actions with others. ‘Second visit’ depicts the collaborative trails and efforts of humans, initiating this discussion through performative moments, silent gestures and the unexplained transactions of our past selves. From assemblage, photography and video ‘Second visit’ attempts to deconstruct a personal account of deciphering the language of human behaviour; reconsidering our understanding of how emotions, gestures and movements take physical form. 

Image: Mark Mailler

Text by Sebastian Henry-Jones

Text on Second Visit

By Sebastian Henry-Jones



Mark Mailler

Mark Mailer’s practice sits between the ideas of utility and poetics, scavenging for visual and cultural residue from on and offline platforms. The cultural residue, be it objects, materials or data is re-structured and re-contextualised. The final outcome is never fully solidified, but an evolving conversation between past, present and future materials and constructs. Mark works in the mediums of sculpture, photography and installation, addressing personal and universal perspectives on emotions, experience and ancestry. 


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