By Gillian Jansz

Autumn’s here, now what?! Well, when the weather can’t make up its mind, it’s a good thing you can! 

Don’t worry about buying a whole new wardrobe for this season because I’ve got some trans-seasonal fashion tips for you. Here’s how to take your summer look well into autumn and beyond.



Animal print took last season by the horns and will be continuing to do so in autumn through cropped leopard print jackets and edgy mini-skirts paired with stockings. On top, you can layer a summery cowl-neck camisole or crop top over a turtleneck to take your look from effortless summer to preppy autumn.

Check Yoself Before You Wreck Yourself

Black and white gingham from summer can be relived through autumnal Burberry-esque checks in earthy toned sweaters, jumpers and flannel shirts with jeans.

Neck-Scarves & That 60s Vibe

Neck-scarves are so versatile and easy to pull off wherever you decide to wear it! A bright summer print goes great as a pop of colour in autumn. Wear them in your hair, around your neck, tied into your belt-loops or fastened on your bag for a unique styling feature.


Exercising Fashion

When you have uni at 4 but leg day at 5. Who says you can't mix office vibes with sweat!? Throw a chunky puffer or oversized tailored jacket over your lightweight workout pants. Cotton drill or linen, cargo pants are also a cool way to keep your legs breathable but warm. Layered with a wide-knit sweater tied over the shoulders or around the waist of a camisole, it channels a nonchalant appeal that speaks volumes about that student life.

Sleek Silhouettes

Playful, printed parkas are a cute way to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Not only are they extremely functional with pockets, hoodies and waterproof fabric, but they look great when layered with knit jumpers or a light-weight romantic blouse underneath in contrast to the edgy look on top. Take a fresh interpretation of the military-style, formal cut parka to add some gusto into your wardrobe.

Chunky Layering

Layering is key for autumn. When the weather changes its mind in an instant, you’ve got to be ready for anything. Jumpers and knits come in a variety of thickness and can be worn over a summer dress or long skirt. Structured crop tops or sports bras look great over long, loose-sleeve shirts. And never underestimate the power of a simple T-shirt with a pull-over tied around the waist.


Socks with Sandals?

Okay, I’m not saying you have to rock socks with your dad’s sandals... but funky socks paired with an open or closed heel or sneaker adds a 'geek chic' aesthetic to your university style (almost even motivating you to go to class!).

This trend looks best paired with miniskirts or an A-Line midi dress. The funkier the sock, the better.

On that note… Adding stockings or tights to dresses, skirts and shorts scream Autumn! Sheer stockings are a quaint styling piece to bring warmth to your legs and coolness to your look.

Lime Green + Lemon Yellow

Think bright, happy colours for autumn. It’s time to stand out and rock these bold hues. Start off by adding them to your accessories and gradually incorporating them into your clothing.

Red Leather, Yellow Leather

A leather jacket is a trans-seasonal wardrobe basic. It’s almost like bread. However, if you don’t own a leather jacket, incorporate that leather through pants, skirts and especially boots to add a textural edge to your look.

Style Tip!

When in doubt, wear a turtleneck. Turtlenecks are an easy foundation to layer dresses, camisoles and jackets. They are a professional-looking (and warm) way to add focus to your face whilst also highlighting the tailoring and structure of the other articles of clothing you’re pairing it with. Turtlenecks look fancy with any style of pant and are best worn with boots or sneakers.

Have fun styling your OOTDs this season and keep an eye out for an upcoming Autumn Style Guide!