Blitz Producer

Katie Vicary

Hello hello, I’m Katie, 2022’s Blitz Producer! I stumbled across Blitz in my first year and I’m so glad I did. I’ve had the joy of creating some absurd and loveable content alongside an amazing group of people.

You might catch me on campus watching videos of cute dogs doing stupid things or listening to musical soundtracks start to finish. Maybe remind me I should be studying.

Blitz Editor


Anandi Ganguly

Heyo, I'm Anandi, the Blitz Editor for 2023! Blitz for me is a powerhouse of warmth, spontaneity and crackhead energy- an ideal space for any creative. Through joining it, I have had the joy of meeting some truly wonderful people and finally having a creative outlet.

I'm a major film & concert enthusiast, actor, singer, writer and NBC's Hannibal Defender. I'm prone to bursting into unprompted rants about anything and debating. You can always count on me for excellent show recommendations!

The Sub-Editors!

Jade Kendalle Psihogios


I am a third-year Media student majoring in Journalism and minoring in Korean Studies. I have a passion for film, television and music analysis, hoping to bring my expertise and further my skills as a Sub-Editor for Blitz. A fun fact (actually, a really sad fact) is that I am allergic to nuts </3

Caroline Sinn


I study Law and Media (Communications and Journalism) and I love taking photos, smelling candles and making Spotify playlists. I joined Blitz because I enjoy reading funny articles (especially about pop culture) and wanted to contribute!

Patricia Byrnes


I am a second-year student currently studying a Bachelor of Media (Communications and Journalism)/Arts, hoping to one day successfully break into the world of journalism. I am obsessed with all things pop culture, especially when it comes to Bill Hader movies, mid-2000s emo music, or former One Direction members. I am more than excited to share my extensive knowledge with the Blitz 2023 team!

Eloise Wajon


I would describe myself as a writer, an artist and a gamer in that order of importance. I’m a 2nd Year Fine Arts/Arts Student majoring in Creative Writing and I joined Blitz so I could give my terrible think pieces a forever home.

The Sub-Producers!

Caitlin Fan


Hellooooooo! I'm Caitlin, a 3rd Year Civil Engineering student who loves cute and fluffy animals. I have a passion for doing creative projects which is why I joined Blitz

Phi Trinh


I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in marketing and business analytics. My passions include photography, listening to podcasts, and watching the same tv shows over and over again. I joined Blitz because I wanted to meet new people, create content that I'm proud of, and learn new skills.

Fun fact: I tried to bribe Dylan Minnette from 13RW into performing my favourite song and he rejected the money but still performed it at the Wallows concert

Lisa Yoon


My name's Lisa, I'm currently on my last year studying Journalism and am a self appointed ambassador for cool pink, rollerskating (badly), archery, K-indie music and being addicted to sugar. I'm excited to be a part of Blitz and to make silly videos about UNSW student life!

Lana O'Brien


I'm a current Media (Screen and Sound Production) student looking to expand my horizons and jump on as many projects as I can. Blitz has been a big part of my Uni life thus far and I've enjoyed the collaborative community it has surrounded me with. I hope to interview more students on campus this year!

The Video Editors!

Ineke Jones


I study media (comms and journalism) and film studies and I love being creative and trying new things. I joined Blitz to improve my video editing skills surrounded by a fun, supportive and like-minded team! A fun fact about me is that I like to paint hyperrealism.

Vinny Park


I am a second-year law and commerce student who adores theatre, film, and novels. My favourites of these are currently: Tick, Tick... Boom!, Babylon, and If We Were Villains, all of which I highly recommend! Due to my interests in the arts and media, I joined Blitz UNSW to learn more about the production process as well as to develop my skills in video editing.

The Sub-Podcasters!

Kaveesha Siriwardena


I’m in my third year of a Bachelor of Design / Media (Public Relations & Advertising). I’m an introverted night owl and someone who is interested in learning more about both myself and our world in my creative pursuits. Although I love handmade items, I’m interested in developing my digital skill set and making new friends through Blitz. Funnily enough, the first concert I went to was at UNSW’s very own Roundhouse, back in 2018 (shout-out to any KARD fans!)

Natrika N


Hi! I am a first-year Bachelor in Media (PR & Advertising) student and one of the 2023 Sub-Podcasters! I found Blitz when I was looking for a bunch of insane creatives who I would enjoy being locked up in a soundproof room with. I find joy in curating Spotify playlists and playing the bass (terribly). In my head, I am a celebrity undercover.

Lychee Lui


Hi, my name is Lychee and I’m one of the Sub-Podcasters! I’m a fourth year Education/Arts student at UNSW. I love reading unreliable narrators and I always have a soft spot for the side character.

The Socials & Community Team!

Nuzhat Tabassum


Hey there! I'm a 3rd-year media PR and advertising student, but when I'm not studying, you can probably find me snoring away like a happy little boar. Of course, I'll eventually wake up, but only because my stomach is rumbling and demanding some grub. When I'm not eating, I love making silly TikToks that never fail to make me chuckle. In fact, my love for creating content is what drew me to Blitz in the first place! And when I'm not making TikToks, I'm probably curled up with a romance manga, because who doesn't love a good love story? Ultimately, my goal is to break into the creative industry, one little bit at a time.

Divya Nandyal


Hi! I’m a 1st year Law/Commerce student! I dance, and play netball and violin. I joined Blitz to get involved in uni life and be a part of this really cool team of people!

Claudia Siloy

Hi!! I’m majoring in bachelor of psychological science. I would describe myself as a life-long learner, passionate with mental health and pop culture, and someone with 127272 changing hyper-fixation every month (right now it’s perfume). My hobby is to find new hobbies and try new things. I’m joining Blitz because I’ve always wanted to contribute something in media. I enjoy content creating and helping out with events, and Blitz is just the right place for it!

Alex Yu

I'm a first-year Media/Arts student majoring in PR & Advertising, Politics & IR, and Sociology & Anthropology. I love all things humanities and social science related, and can spend hours roaming the shelves of a good bookshop or record store! I joined Blitz in search of a creative community where I can broaden my skill set and meet passionate, like-minded people :)

Valerie Tantuachut

Valerie Tantuachut is a second-year student studying to complete her Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Media (PR & Advertising) degrees at UNSW. She has been reading novels for more than half of her life and has since branched out to consuming web novels, webtoons, and TV shows (at a slightly alarming pace, to be honest). When not distressing about a fictional character's life choices, you will probably see her engrossed in playing a random Nintendo Switch game.

Wan Ing Kwan

Helloo everyone! I’m Waning, a second-year Commerce and Media student, majoring in business analytics and public relations. I jumped on board with Blitz in the hopes of collaborating with some incredible people to introduce the exciting events happening on campus.

Blitz Editor

Anandi Ganguly

Blitz Producer

Katie Vicary