Blitz Producer

Katie Vicary

Hello hello, I’m Katie, 2022’s Blitz Producer! I stumbled across Blitz in my first year and I’m so glad I did. I’ve had the joy of creating some absurd and loveable content alongside an amazing group of people.

You might catch me on campus watching videos of cute dogs doing stupid things or listening to musical soundtracks start to finish. Maybe remind me I should be studying.

Blitz Editor

Caleb Burke

Howdy, I'm Caleb, the 2022 Blitz Editor! Being a part of Blitz is like being hugged by huskies in the arctic. It's that warm feeling of getting to see the insane creativity and excitement which radiates from every volunteer.

A fun fact about me... in my spare time I'm probs playing with spreadsheets, or kicking ass in Mario Kart, or reading the LitCharts of famous written works.

The Sub-producers!

Nicole Tabuena

Hi my name is Nicole and I’m one of the Sub Producers! I found Blitz as I was scrolling through Facebook and thought it was heckin cool so I joined the group and the rest was history. I have had tonnes of fun creating videos and making new friends. I love being in front of and behind the camera; my ultimate dream is to be a Series Regular in a loved TV Show. My hobbies include smashing everyone at Tetris, loving One Direction, binge watching & creating to do lists.

Anaya Vora

Anaya Vora is a Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound Production) student at UNSW. She enjoys producing, directing and writing video content and prefers to stay strictly behind the camera. Her roots lie in theatre, and when not obsessing over the latest MCU film or stressing out about an assignment, you can usually find her rehearsing for a play.

Ke-Qing Yap

Ke-Qing Yap is a second-year student in UNSW currently in the first year of her B. Media/ B. Commerce degree. You will usually find her behind the camera unless it is a topic she is passionate about raising awareness for, or if the video features free food. As an avid consumer of a wide range of media, she spends her free time writing Goodreads reviews, falling asleep to true-crime podcasts, and going on very detailed rants about how the Percy Jackson films did not do her favourite book series justice. At all.

Seo Hyun Inn

Seo Hyun Inn is a third-year film student studying a Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound Production) at UNSW. She spends a lot of her time editing videos (big pain) or watching random film reviews on youtube. Her 2021 goal is to tour around all the food places at UNSW. Dogs and cats are the sugar plum honey bunches of her life.

Our Design Team!

Jelena Xu

Jelena Xu is a second year student, studying a Bachelors of Media (PR and Advertisement) and Design (Graphic and Object design). She enjoys trying out new hobbies and making new friends. If you see her around don't be afraid to say hi.

Tulliz Moriah

Hey I’m Tulliz - proud Blitz veteran and lover of all that it inspires! From written articles to graphic design (and a little video production here and there), Blitz has been the backboard for so much of my creative development over the years. Best of all, it’s given me some of my most valuable friendships that I hold dearly to this day! You’ll usually find me building houses on Sims, befriending campus cats, or overanalysing the queer-coding in Disney Channel Original Movies (looking @ you, Chad and Ryan in HSM 2). 

Whether you’re curious about content creation or just looking to dip your toes in something outside your comfort-zone, these beautiful Blitz-ers will always have your back.

The Events Team!

Veronica Wenn

Hi I’m Veronica! I’m a second year Mechanical Engineering student at UNSW. I joined the Blitz team this year and found that it has benefitted me greatly. Through volunteering, I was able to utilise my creativity in various outlets, and share my interests in music, fashion, and film with a bunch of new people.

Vicky Bao

Hi I’m Vicky! I’m a third year studying Commerce majoring in Human Resource Management and Real Estate Studies at UNSW. It’s my first year volunteering with Blitz and it has been enjoyable! In my spare time at uni you can always find me volunteering with an Arc program. I’m a huge advocate and believer of mental health and I love going on different hikes around Sydney!

The Social Media Managers!

Aaron Wu

Hey Aye Aye Ron here! I’m one of the Social Media Managers, though occasionally I help out Blitz with music reviews and opinions no one asked for. Over the last 2 years volunteering it’s been a blast meeting some really creative peeps while also making lifelong friendships. When I’m not having an existential crisis, you’ll probably find me making music, scrolling for fit inspo on pinterest or napping at ASB 2nd floor.

Parker Floris

Hi, I’m Parker Floris, a 2021 Social Media Manager for Blitz. From my first day at UNSW, I knew Blitz was the place for me. It was an opportunity to hang out with incredible people and produce entertaining content to brighten people’s days.

When not studying Commerce & Media, you’ll find me working freelance photography and videography gigs, debating history and politics, and breaking ankles on the basketball court.

Estela Irigoitia

Hey, I’m Estela and I’m a first year studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. I’m very into reading, whether it be novels or webtoons/manhwa, love music, especially Kpop, and have been singing for most of my life. I’ve loved being part of the Blitz team, and am very glad I heard about it during the Open Day.

Winnie Truong

Hi I'm Winnie! I'm a new social media manager for Blitz. As I'm currently studying Marketing, I wanted to see what Blitz was all about. I have enjoyed watching Blitz content online, and I was super keen to jump on board and help out behind the scenes! You can probably find me at a cute cafe or bbt place somewhere because I'm a huge foodie and I can't live without milk tea

The Sub-Editors!

Caleb Burke

Caleb Burke is a second-year student studying Physics and English at UNSW. Why? He doesn't know either. Caleb enjoys reading articles on Nintendo games, philosophy, or anything utterly absurd. In his spare time, you'll find him drafting spreadsheets for fun or indulging in a sneaky bowl of nacho fries from GYG.

Carla Fischer

Carla Fischer, is in her third year of Politics and International Relations. She spends most of her time finding patterns, and collecting information to find reason in her curiosity. This has evolved to writing in the hopes that her stories impact the readers. She enjoys spending time with the people, and living through the adventure that comes along the way.

Thaveesha Jinadasa

Thaveesha Jinadasa is a student originally from Sri-Lanka who studies a bachelor of Commerce specialising in marketing. As an avid pop-culture and sports enthusiast, he is often seen immersing himself in the latest Hollywood gossip or watching an NBA livestream. He also likes watching throwback Disney movies and compiling Spotify playlists for every single mood and time of day.

Junyoung An

Junyoung An is a second-year Commerce/Economics student. He is a spicy food fiend, YouTube binge-watching addict, and professional procrastinator. If you ever see him on campus, feel free to say hi and fiercely debate the best way to make instant ramen, give him recommendations for Sydney's best dessert spots, or talk about how good (or bad) Man Utd are doing this season.