Keona Lee, Day Of Play Coordinator

BY Will Cook

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. 

Fresher or final year. Athletic or fan of a Netflix binge featuring pizza and a tub of ice-cream. Anyone can sport. More importantly, anyone can play. 

This year, Arc are launching a new showcase of everything running, hopping, skipping and freebies: Day of Play. Taking place on Tuesday 26th February (WK 2), Day of Play is every students chance to give a new sport a go. Dust off those sand sneakers, strap on your Fitbit and get ready to try something new!

A week out from the big day, I sat down with Day of Play Coordinator Keona Lee. An (almost) pro ice-skater, Keona is on a mission to inspire us that encouraging healthy habits can lead to a better lifestyle. Her first task, convincing me to get back on the field. 

Tell me a bit about yourself! Where are you from, what do you study, when you are not at Arc what would I find you doing?  

My name is Keona and I’m the 2019 Day of Play Coordinator. I’m of Chinese descent, however was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I study Civil Engineering with Commerce and love getting involved with my student community. So, when I’m not at Arc, you can most likely find me running around campus, whether it’s at a society BBQ or playing social sport down at the Village Green.

Day of Play promises to be one HUGE day of showcasing sport! What makes it HUGE (in capitals)? 

Well, with trimesters making its debut into 2019, Day of Play has adapted to bring the student community one HUGE, jam-packed day filled with active fun every Trimester! Day of play gives you the chance to show off what your team has got with a range of Social Sport comps, as well as the opportunity to get a taste of some exciting beginner courses. Not only that, but each trimester we are proud to bring new and exciting special events to make the day even bigger and better! With that, we start Term 1 with a bang! Bike n’ Blend, Wheelchair basketball and most amazingly The Meltdown is back on campus. I can guarantee there will be something for everyone!

Healthy habits lead to healthy minds. What are some of the habits you hope students will take away from the Day of Play? 

Day of Play is definitely a day to have a go and Get Moving! This event promotes the active choice of incorporating physical activity into your everyday routine. Developing small habits such as having a social game once a week with some mates or even the small decision to pick up a ball from the Arc sports office and chuck it around in your spare time, can assist in achieving that health balance while studying. Our goal is to showcase all the different active opportunities we have on offer and for you to be able to utilize these throughout your university student experience.   

Have you ever been guilty of having an unhealthy habit? How did you turn it around? Asking for a friend.....

For a period of time, I was actually addicted to Lipton Lemon Iced Tea. I would drink those 1 L family bottles in one sitting. It was honestly concerning seeing how much sugar i was consuming on a daily. It absolutely takes time and insistent self control to control a dietary bad habit. However, as of now I can’t say that I have completely cut it out of my diet, but i have definitely limited myself to max of one glass a day. Now I try opt out for just a cool glass of water to satisfy my cravings.

How do you refresh and reenergise after a bit of playing? 

After a good game of sport, I enjoy the refreshing taste of iced water and frozen fruit. Just by chucking a water bottle in the fridge and a few grapes into the freezer, you have yourself a refreshing snack ready by the time you finish playing. I also highly recommend you do a full body stretch after any physical activity. Your body will thank you the next morning

Why are you passionate about encouraging students to step away from our computers and get active?  

Growing up, I had always been taught ‘an active life is a happy life’ and thinking back to my first year of university I definitely stand by it. Whether, you take once a week to join social sports with your mates or join a sports club and train with a team, I truly believe incorporating physical activity into your daily lifestyle can path way to a more balanced life. I like to think of sport as being “proactive procrastination”. I find stepping away from your computer and enjoying some fresh air, actually helps me think clearer and alleviates some of the stresses that comes from being a university student. Overall, its one of the simplest ways to enrich your student experience !

Apart from being insanely active how else do you treat yourself?  

I like to treat myself by making myself a good home-cooked meal, then enjoying a comedic Netflix show such as Brooklyn 99. Recently, I have been trying to cook more at home and aim to one day be able to reproduce the traditional Asian dishes that my mother makes.  

How do I get involved in Day of Play? 

So, the easiest way to get involved with Day of Play is to head over to the Facebook event page at Day of Play | Get Moving ! and press that ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’ button, so you’re up to date with all the information. Through this, you will have access to any volunteer opportunities and links to registration for both social sport and beginner classes. We also have heaps of Pick up n’ Play options for those who are tight on time between classes. So, definitely register online and come down to the Village Green on the 26th of February.

Day of Play is truly a day for everyone!