An Early 2000’s Guide of the Things Kids Are Missing Out On

BY Karen Yu

Do you ever just look at a kid and shake your head? 

Or maybe just remember something that you did or had as a child that they don’t? Well, here’s a quick list of things kids in the 2000s did that kids nowadays just aren’t doing. 

Get off that phone and go out! 

That might be something your mother says or maybe she doesn’t even bother anymore. Back in the day when children didn’t get phones until high school, this is what they might have done. Going out on a stroll with some other friends in the neighborhood if your parents were chill enough was common. I, personally, would be sent out to go to the nearby park a lot and to be honest, I miss that sometimes. 

VCRs? What’s that, a game? 

VCRs or video cassette recordings were pretty much the older version of CDs. Nowadays everything is available on video sharing websites like Youtube and there are also many (not so legal) ways to watch films. While VCRs were a bother, especially since one wrong move could ruin the whole thing, they do hold a special place in our hearts. Be it a memorable film watched together with the entire family or a childhood favorite, VCRs will always be there in our hearts… and maybe our old cupboards too. 

Do people even use their home phones anymore? 

Well, as established above, back in the day children weren’t really allowed to have phones until they were ‘responsible’ enough. This meant that to call someone you would have to use your home phones. This always ensured a short and awkward greeting with your friend’s parents. Or, the other option, before Facebook came, MSN.  

Fairy bread 

Do children still eat fairy bread now? Fairy bread was, and probably may still be one of Australia’s most iconic childhood foods. Made with cheap, white bread with a thick layer of butter sprinkled with colourful 100s and 1000s, it’s a nice dessert. Fairy bread was definitely the main at any party. 

Toys vs Technology 

Toys are a big part of childhood and maybe even adulthood but it seems these days parents are giving their children an iPad or phone instead. While it is fun to watch an animation or even play a game on the newest technology, toys really are different. They act as a friend for you when you’re lonely, go everywhere with you and most importantly probably have more than a 10 hour battery life.  

Aeroplane Jelly 

This was honestly the best treat on a hot day after school. Not only is this delicious, the making process is super easy and enjoyable for a child. Again, I don’t know if this is such a ‘big’ thing anymore but back in the day, it really was.  

Mr. Potato Smiley 

Everyone remembers these, right? Right? Children nowadays are probably always taken out to fast food places after school but before, these were the real deal. Maybe because they were ‘smiley’, they were just something special. They were different from the other snacks and it’s sad if kids are missing out on these now. Let’s all eat our potato smileys now!