BY Cheryl Till

Everyone knows that life just gets in the way (of everything), and this is especially true once the rush of semester comes into full swing...

...But amidst the madness, it is still invariably worthwhile to take a pause and crack open a good book that makes the world around you slow, as you delve into the intricately woven tales of fictional characters… And with this handy list of page turners, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

Habibi by Craig Thompson

So summer is over and getting back into actually reading after travelling the world (or binging Netflix) seems a bit of a bore… Well, Craig Thompson’s epic graphic novel is the perfect cure. With aesthetically superb illustration decorated with Arabic calligraphy and a painfully honest, compelling story, Habibi is just the thing for absolutely everyone.

The Silk Merchant’s Daughter by Dinah Jeffries

The author of The Tea Planter’s Wife hits the mark again with this page turning historical fiction detailing the story of a French-Vietnamese girl finds her place as a woman. Jeffries’ vivid descriptions create a remarkable impression that will flawlessly transport you through space and time.

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

In a phenomenally gripping tale of a century, that crosses cultures and generations, Pachinko explores everything you never knew you wanted to know about faith, love and family. A ‘good read’ would be a gross understatement for this stunningly beautiful work is literally impossible to put down. Just don’t start before bed or you’ll be up ‘til tomorrow!