Death of the MCU

by Lily Carter

When the Marvel Cinematic Universe delivered its inaugural film, Iron Man, it appeared to be the saving grace of Marvel films. Following failed productions like X-Men: The Last Stand and Spider-Man 3, these new, shiny films gave fans a glimmer of hope. And they did for a while, producing, arguably, some of the best comic book films to date. But in recent times, the MCU has had its lowest engagement in years and people are starting to move on. For me, it comes down to oversaturation and quality. 

MCU films were genuinely great cinema. From masterclass special effects to superb acting, they weren’t just comic book movies—they had heart and soul. They understood the source materials and incorporated all the right elements. For example, the Iron Man films portrayed Tony Stark’s PTSD not only in a way true to his character but realistically.