BY Laura Kenny

  1. TURN OFF anything with a screen for three days  

  2. SINGING with your whole chest, anywhere at all  

  3. Play MUSIC or learn a DANCE. Synchronising with other people is key.  

  4. Speak to the ELDERLY and CHILDREN about things that worry you – they have the best advice. 

  5. Find people who you can LAUGH AT YOUR FAILURE with and foster that shit like a goldmine, succeeding is overrated.  

  6. Play GAMES like KIDS - board games, sport games, dumb games, any games.  

  7. MAKE PHYSICAL THINGS: cook, paint, draw, mould clay badly, Lego build, wood work, stamps, prints, scrap book, calligraphy, websites, photography - anything that exists when you finish that didn't when you started. 

  8. LET GO of unnecessary BELONGINGS and see how you feel about yourself and what you actually need and want once you're close to an empty wardrobe. 

  9. READ the writing of great writers OUT LOUD - short stories, novels, plays, speeches, poems - whatever, read them with time around the edges.  

  10. Go to a concert or movie ON YOUR OWN, try and have a friendly chat to one other person - so nice to be liked for no reasons, just because you smiled or whatever. 

  11. Make a list of people who you've bumped into and had good vibes with but never had the time to REACH OUT TO. Find an excuse to make friends, and organise to meet up. 

  12. Stare at SMALL THINGS IN NATURE until you see all the wacky weird details in the tiny patterns of growth.