Foretelling Formula 1 2023

by Ananya Anand

The 2023 Formula 1 Season is underway with pretty underwhelming races so far, barring the Australian Grand Prix. And in the three-week wait for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix (that I did not take very well), to stay sane, I started to make a list of (mostly delusional) predictions for this season and now, you have to read them.

1. Max Verstappen becomes a triple world champion and Red Bull wins the Constructors’ Championship.

YOU are delusional if you think otherwise. Nobody will challenge Max, not even Checo. Judging by Alonso’s consistency so far, I can’t be sure that Checo will end up second in the championship. Even with all the reduced wind tunnel time (Gordon Ramsay doesn’t come cheap friends), that frankly didn’t affect them one bit, the Red Bulls are dominating 2023. Where is everyone else? 

2. Fernando Alonso gets his 33rd race win (and maybe his 34th).

I just want to see his iconic celebration again. Man’s got moves on and off track. He deserves it after his traumatising run with McLaren and its Honda power unit in 2017. Wait. Isn’t Honda partnering with Aston Martin from 2026?