BY Alana Tarrant

Every year, New Year celebrations engulf the world in excitement. And rightfully so.

A new year offers a chance for us to be better than who we were yesterday. Annually, goals to exercise more emerge as the most popular1 resolution. Despite the modern world being inundated with information on its significance, mental wellbeing is given less notoriety. So this year, I decided to set the resolution of improving my confidence. Behind my façade of ease when navigating my social life, I have struggled with believing in my self-worth for many years.  

I got to work straight away and brainstormed methods that I would use to actually achieve my goal, and here is what I’ve experienced so far…. 


Similar to meditation, affirmations are those things that many people feel uncomfortable trying. I decided to give them a shot, writing down a few that personally moved me and stating them at least a couple of times a week. Whilst I still have a long way to go, I have stopped turning to my relationships and surroundings for validation of my self-worth, realising that I have everything I need inside me to be happy.  

Affirmations have the power to train your brain into feeling comfortable with a new reality you’re choosing for yourself. In my case, it was a reality in which I felt deserving, strong and whole.  

And remember, you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously2


Initially, I increased the time I dedicated to selfcare merely because I had more free time during the break. Some unwinding rituals included filling a bowl with hot water and a couple of drops of essential oil, placing my head over and covering it with a towel so that the steam relaxed any tensions I had in my face. It takes around 100 muscles to talk, and we’re at it all day!  

I naturally began to worry less about insignificant issues, and strangely began to feel a correlation between my confidence and my pamper routine. Coming from somebody who subconsciously worries, this gradual diminishing of stress cancelled out the feeling that I wasn’t good enough to accomplish tasks in life perfectly.  


An exercise I read in Christine Northup’s book ‘Goddesses Never Age’ was to pretend that a person you admire was pressed up against you. Then imagine breathing in their confidence, attractiveness and selflessness. It may be a result of everything else I’ve been doing, but there has been significant change in my confidence, most noticeably because of my recent ability to dress how I want without worrying about judgement.  

Some may find this practice unusual, but it’s a time for trying new things so why not give it a shot! 


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