An article in partnership with Up.

Uni can be tough on the back pocket. Textbooks, bills, rent and juggling that part-time job to fund your lifestyle. It all adds up.

And then along comes Up, your new digital bank designed to put you back in control of your money. Up lets you spend wisely and save effortlessly, leaving you free to do more of the things you love.. Like studying..or not.

Step 1 | Simple Sign Up

Signing up is super easy. Download the Up app, enter your info, we verify your details and that’s it! You’re good to go. Even better - when you sign up enter the code ‘ARC2020’ and we’ll give you $10 to get you started. It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up right from your phone.

Step 2 | Create custom savings goals

Your bonus $10 can be used right away. Add your card to Apple, Google or Samsung Pay instantly - no need to wait for your card to arrive, but don’t stress, you’ll get that in the mail soon. Create custom Savers for all the things you need to save for. Set custom names, like ‘Bills’ or ‘New Airpods’. Use Auto Transfers to get you to your goals faster. Let us know how much to add every week, fortnight or month and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s your money, working in your favour. Earn interest across all of your savers (more info at

Step 3 | Understand your spending

A handy feature of Up is that all your spending is categorised automatically. Use your Monthly Insights to see a breakdown of your spending at a glance, or get really deep and see how much you’ve spent at each merchant. $76 at McDonalds in 2 weeks..Not a bad effort.

Step 4 | Keep track of all your Bills

Use Up to pay your monthly subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify. We’ll detect these recurring charges and add them to your Upcoming tab. See exactly how much you’re spending on bills this month and when your next charge is due to be paid.

Step 5 | Heading overseas?

You shouldn’t be paying any extra when making international purchases online or travelling overseas. Say hello to no fees on international purchases or overseas ATM withdrawals, plus get a great exchange rate with no mark-ups.

Step 6 | Tell your mates

If you’ve made it this far and like what you’re seeing, score yourself some bonus cash and earn up to $10 by inviting your mates to Up. Check out how you can hook up your mates in the app. We’ll give you mates a welcome gift and sling $5 their way when they sign up.

Step 7 | Need a hand?

Unlike your Chem Lecturer, we don’t wanna throw you in the deep end. Feel free to reach out to us whenever you need. Swipe across to the Talk To Us tab and fire away ⚡️

T&Cs @ HUAM & Invite code offer conditions @ Product issuer Bendigo & Adelaide Bank.