Ranking all the Scream movies

by Amelie Ritchie

Hello, reader. What’s your favourite scary movie?

I, myself, am not very good with scary movies (or, as I like to call them, spook movies); I often find myself cowering behind my blankets or hands, or just straight up closing my eyes. One franchise of ‘spook movies’ I do enjoy is the Scream franchise. My older brother introduced me to these movies when I was younger and I was captivated by the way they blended horror and humour. Ever since then, we have viewed all the movies together. 

Scream VI has recently hit cinemas, and as such it is time for an obligatory updated ranking of all the Scream movies to date. I will avoid spoilers for the most recent movie, but details of its predecessors may be shared. 

#6 - Scream 3