Student Community & Development Grant

Got Ideas? Get money! If you’re planning an event that you believe is going to change the community, student life or develop graduate attributes through hosting or participating in activities on or off campus, this could be the grant for you! Grants are available to Arc members, groups of Arc members or Arc-affiliated Clubs. SCDGs are also available to Elite Athletes and Performers.

Student Community and Development Grants are administered by Arc in four separate rounds each year.

The SCDG application process is highly competitive, and applications are assessed on:

  • The contribution towards the development of graduate capabilities
  • The cultural, social, historical and reputational significance of the event and the contribution to campus culture and community
  • The nature, topic and size of the event
  • The degree of planning and preparation for the event
  • How innovative the activity or approach is
  • The number of Arc members likely to benefit from the event and the ability for the applicant to use the experience gained to benefit Arc members and the campus community
  • Other avenues of funding support
  • Previous dealings between the Club, group or individual and Arc

All applications must be submitted online here.

SCDG Application Deadlines 2024

Applications must be received by 11:59PM on the day of the deadline. The 2024 SCDG deadlines are as follows:

Round 1 - Sunday 3 March 2024 (T1W3)

Round 2 - Sunday 12 May 2024 (T1 Break)

Round 3 - Sunday 14 July 2024 (T2W7)

Round 4 - Sunday 29 September 2024 (T3W3)

SCDG Briefing Session

The next SCDG Briefing Session will be held on Tuesday 27th February at 10:30am. If you would like to attend, please click on the link below:

UNSW Graduate Capabilities

Application should address the activity's contribution towards the development of the graduate capabilities below, where applicable:

UNSW programs aspire to graduate:

  1. Scholars that are
    • capable of independent and collaborative enquiry
    • rigorous in their analysis, critique and reflection
    • able to innovate by applying their knowledge and skills to the solution of novel as well as routine problems;
  2. Entrepreneurial leaders that are
    • capable of initiating and embracing innovation and change
    • engaging and enabling others to contribute to change;
  3. Professionals that are
    • capable of ethical, self-directed practice
    • capable of independent lifelong learning;
  4. Global citizens who are
    • culturally adept
    • capable of respecting diversity
    • acting in a socially just and responsible way.

Post-Activity Report

Successful applicants for the SCDG are required to submit a post-activity report within 30 days of the conclusion of the activity. Post-Activity Reports are submitted here.

Got Questions?

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