Everyone needs GREAT MATES so we have the ultimate way to make your first friends at uni.  

GREAT MATES is a super relaxed program for anyone keen to make a few new friends. If you don't know anyone at uni or you're keen to expand your social horizons then this one's for you. All you have to do is drop in a few details, then we will connect you with like-minded people so that you can start socialising. Heck its gonna be so wholesome. You will get to email first and then meet up on campus and check out events together. 

The program is particularly aimed at supporting international students coming or returning to Australia., but everyone is welcome.

Great Mates isn't accepting any new mates at the moment - but check back in time for Term 3 to meet your first friend at UNSW!

More fun stuff

Get Involved

We host a range of project and programs where you can make friends, learn skills and make a lasting impact on the community.

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Culture Cafe

A weekly catch-up of anyone who wants to make friend and casually practice their English.

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International Collective

Join the SRC Collective that supports International Students at UNSW.

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Volunteers United

With volunteering opportunities every week, Volunteers United is your chance to make friends and make a difference!

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International Support

We have collected a bunch of UNSW specific resources for international students.

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