August/September update 2022

Update Overview

Throughout August and September, we watered and maintained the plants. Special thanks to everyone who took some time out of their day during the exam or holiday period.

The highlight of September was the Native Bee Hotel Workshop during O-week and Welcome week. 

If you're interested in seeing some beautiful bee hotels up close (pictured two images above and another pictured below), check them out at the garden located at gate 7.

Plant growth progress

It's springtime! And as such, the Producer's plants are doing great. 

More chillies have grown. And the Brussels sprouts are much much bigger than a couple of months ago (check out our previous editions of the monthly gardening updates to see the difference!)

The lemons are also ripening

And if you look up, you can spot some papayas. 

Urban Farm

After being in development for such a long time, we're super excited to finally announce that the Urban Farm in UNSW is opening on the 19th of October (Edit: due to unexpected delays out of our control, the opening has been delayed unfortunately. But we should be still be opening sometime at the end of this term). The Farm will consist of 20 new planters and spaces dedicated to workshops and BBQs, allowing us to grow a greater variety of plants and run more workshops for you to enjoy. Keep an eye out on the Producers Page because there'll be an opening event coming soon!!!