The Producers

Green thumbs up!

The Producers produce produce… ugh.. sorry that might have been confusing.

The Producers produce produce (if it still doesn't make sense, come and see us).

ANYWAYS... The Producers plant, maintain and harvest veggies (or "produce" ...get it, now?) around campus.

The Producers also run workshops teaching others how to make:

  • pesto (with fresh garden ingredients);
  • chutney (with fresh garden ingredients);
  • terrariums;
  • a worm farm to compost food scraps; and 
  • so much more!

Edibles indoors!

Wednesday Week 11 we ran a kitchen gardening workshop in collaboration with the fantastic Enviro Collective as part of their Students and Sustainability workshop day.

We covered sprouts, microgreens, container gardens and worm farming - all of which can be done right in your kitchen - some of which you don't even need sunshine for!

If you're interested in starting your own - is a great resource for getting started.

Keep your eyes peeled for other workshops you might be interested in through the Arc Facebook page - or if you're interested in getting more involved, and maybe even running workshops with us - keep your eyes open for semester 2 recruitment - opening soon!


Week 8 saw us run our succulent terrarium workshop again, in collaboration with Arc How To - this year run by Artsweek.

Whilst these succulents aren't edible - these terrarium are a decent bit of fun to make, as well as bring a little gardening inside.

Plus they're a great way to practice observing and playing around with our environment. Try a  new spot, or watering regime, seeing what happens and then adjusting from there - something we try do with our projects here at the Producers.

Don't worry if you missed out though - the Producers will likely be back next sem with another terrarium workshop!

The Herb Spiral

I've been meaning to do a write-up of this for a while - but this is the herb spiral - the weirdly shaped planter you can see outside the Arc Clubs space.

The herb spiral gets at the "philosophy" of what we try do at the Producers - combine gardening with design.

By spiraling up (or down - depending on perspective) the herb spiral creates the optimum growing conditions (micro-climates) for each plant to thrive. From high, dry and sunny at the top for rosemary and thyme to moist, sheltered and shady at the bottom for mint and lemon balm.

If you're interested, stop us anytime we're out in the garden (or up at Gate 7) for a chat!

Meet Your 2018 Coordinator


Hi there! I’m Jonathan – 3rd year civil and environmental engineering student. I joined the Producers in my first year because I was interested in self-sufficiency but stayed for everything that goes into living and growing food sustainably.

Having misidentified roughly half the plants I’ve ever seen, and killed a little more than my fair share, I think it’s safe to say I’ve learnt a few lessons along the way – about what not to do. But I’m a reformed man now - trust me.

But in all seriousness, if you’re interested in learning to grow some of your own food, how to keep a worm farm alive, are just interested in making things a little more “sustainable” and getting your hands dirty (or not) we’re always open to new volunteers - no matter your background or experience.  


If sustainability is your specialty and you have a green thumb, The Producers is the place for your passion to grow. 

Volunteer to nurture your own produce, build planter boxes and care for on-campus gardens. 

Volunteers also run regular workshops, host pop-ups on campus and cook up a storm using the fresh produce.

Volunteering with The Producers is also recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).


Intake // Applications open early semester 2 (but send us an email anyway!)

Time commitment // Medium

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