The Producers

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The Producers produce produce… ugh.. sorry that might have been confusing.

The Producers produce produce (if it still doesn't make sense, come and see us).

ANYWAY... The Producers plant, maintain and harvest veggies (or "produce" ...get it, now?) around campus. We also design and build multiple planter boxes which house our plants.

The Producers also run workshops, covering things like: making a terrarium, uni-made basil pesto (ingredients from garden), chutney recipe, how to compost your own food scraps, making a worm farm... and MUCH more!

For details on workshops check out Facebook and Blitz and look for garden pop-ups around campus!

Week 12 Surprise

Our cauliflowers are finally starting to grow! We planted them a few months back during the start of winter and its so good to see how our small seedlings have developed so well, especially since the spring weather has given them a growth spurt. 

Week 11 Carrot Cake

During Friday's working bees session we were able to turn our harvested carrots into carrot cake. It turned out really well and we ate it alongside rice paper rolls, made from all produce from the garden such as pickled carrots, lettuce, rocket, chives and mint. 

Week 10 Harvest

These are the first carrots that The Producers has harvested that look pretty 'normal' and can be sold at supermarkets. We will be pickling some for a rice paper roll feast and some for a carrot cake next week. 

Excursion to Randwick Community Garden

The Producers spent a day of the Midsem break helping out in the Randwick community gardens and followed it up with a BBQ on site. The garden there is so much bigger so our hands were constantly keep full. Cannot wait to go back there in the future. 

Week 9 Friday Harvest

We harvested our winter planted beetroot and purple cabbages from the Colombo Rooftop Garden to turn into delicious relish. How amazing do they look, we also added some orange Nasturtium flowers that grow in abundance there.

Week 9 Tuesday Harvest

We harvested a whole lot of vegies from our Gate 7 Garden: Bok Choy, Kale, Lettuce and Wong Bok. In place we have also planted a heap of spring and summer plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, marigolds, radish, carrots and strawberries. 

Week 8 Springfest Stall

Our Springfest stall was a blast. Thanks for all those people who visited and tried some of the food we made from our gardens such as the Spinach Cheese pastry and parsley dip. Also a huge shout out to all The Producers volunteers who ran the stall and did all the prep work for the two busy and hot days!!

Week 7 Capsicum Harvest

Look at our super red capsicum that we harvested from our garden. It may be small but it is perfect in all other ways!!

Week 5 Cabbages

Look at how awesome these Cabbages from Colombo Rooftop look!!  They are one of the best things that grew all winter long. 

Week 4 Rosemary Workshop

Last Friday The Producers had a all ROSEMARY workshop, celebrating the many uses of rosemary from food, to salad, to scents and salts. How nice do our edible Nasturtium flowers look in our all-campus-grown salad!!

Week 3 Mini Harvest

Working Bees for Semester 2 has finally resumed and we made our first harvest of our snow peas from Gate 7 Garden. The harvest wasn't big but hey, we got something out of it!!

Week 2 Induction Sessions

Induction sessions were held this week. It was great seeing many new keen beans in our gardens and learning a thing or two about Rosemary Propagation. Stay tuned for our upcoming Workshops for Propagation!!

Excursion to Randwick Community Garden

The Producers visited the permaculture garden at Randwick and got to see a vast and fully functional garden setup. We learnt about techniques such as Propagation and had a great BBQ on site after a day of hard work in the garden!!

Week 1 Semester 2

The Producers mid-year carrot harvest from the Arc Reception planter boxes has been an absolute success!! We turned it into a carrot cake and boy was it tasty, it couldn't get more organic and fresh than this. 

Week 13 Colombo Rooftop

We have finally finished constructing and planting our Rooftop Garden Bed 2.0 at Colombo. These plants growing here will do extremely well from all the sunlight it gets.

Week 11 Update

Capsicums are doing extremely well at The Greenhouse planter boxes. Looking forward to harvesting them soon when they turn red. 

Week 10 Stress Less Week

The Producers was involved with SLW by distributing multiple dips, made from ingredients from the garden and our Basil Pesto was the biggest hit. Here's the recipe to it: 


-         2 cups of fresh Italian Basil        

-         2 cloves of garlic

-         1 tablespoon of lemon juice

-         ⅓ cup of cashew/pine nuts

-         ½ cup extra virgin olive oil

-         ¼ cup of grated Parmesan cheese

-         Salt and pepper to taste


1. In a food processor, combine basil, cashew/pine nuts, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper.

2. Start grinding ingredients and slowly add in the olive oil.

3. After all is combined, stir in the cheese.

Week 8 Soil Delivery

We had a crazy soil delivery of 6 meters cubic to raise our Gate 7 Garden beds and build an additional garden bed in Colombo Rooftop. 

Week 7

Our Rosella Hibiscus plants are finally flowering! Like many plants grown in the gardens, its amazing how these plants started as small seeds and have been able to grow this big to flower and fruit. 

Week 6 Workshops

To commemorate Arc's 10th Birthday, The Producers have collaborated with How To Make to run Terrarium, Chutney and Pesto Workshops to showcase our produce and also team spirit. How good did the Succulents look!! 

Week 5 Harvest

During our Working Bees Sessions this week we were able to harvest bags of Basil, extremely spicy chili, Jalapeño, capsicum and lemon balm. We will be using most of these ingredients for our Chutney and Pesto Workshops next week. Yummm!! 

Week 3 & 4 Inductions

Our Induction sessions have started and it was great meeting all our new volunteers who share an interest for the garden. We had a tour of our on campus gardens and the greenhouse planter boxes (pictured) is doing exceptionally well. First time I saw that there wasn't even a single green worm on our kale!! 

Week 2 Summer Harvest

Over the summer holiday, our Gate 7 Garden has produced quiet a variety of vegetables, from cucumbers, to root vegetables such as carrots, beet root and parsnip to leeks and shallots. 

Week 1 Update

All our basil plants on campus are doing extremely well. It must have been because of that combination of intense sun and rain during these past few weeks. Who said "rain, rain, go away?" when I can make homemade pesto now? 

O-Week with The Producers

O-Week has been a success for The Producers as we were able to successfully re-vamp and green-ify our movable vertical planter box. For those who have not seen it on the main walkway, MAKE it your mission in week 1 to visit it whenever you're in the quad. We also gave away over a hundred of eggshell seedlings which included seedlings of Pumpkin, Basil, Broccoli, Beetroot and Chili. For those who received these seedlings, we hope they are doing well!! 


If you’re interested in sustainable practices and growing your own fresh produce (or paranoid about where your veggies come from), look no further! As a Producer, you’ll have a chance to care for our on-campus gardens, build raised planted boxes and maybe even make mud pies on campus. In addition to the gardening, volunteers also run workshops for students on a monthly basis.

 We are always looking for more Producers! Shoot us an email or apply NOW!


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