Pulse - Emerging Practices

An exhibition of Forty eight emerging artists creating bodies of work in response this moment in time.

Pulse | Group Exhibition

The Artists:

Francesca Athas, Madeleine Bell, Nebbi Boii, Michaela Bryant, Emma Couttas, Keziah Duguid, Elizabeth Exner, Nicole Foo, Shanae Hipworth, Taylah Hoskins, Nicholas Lelli, Tia Madden, Brittany Montagner, Georgia Morgan, Claire Paul, Mahitha Ramanathan, Thai Rushbrook, Celine Saidi, Celina Schroeder, Anna Seymour, Lucy Teague, Tony Tran, Zoe Wootton, Yue Wu, Amy Ann Bailey, James Baldwin, Janelle Carter, Lileana Colarelli, James Delaney, Victoria Ferguson, James Fernie, Yifan Gao, Eric Hoenig, Edwina Huang, Fiona Macpherson, Matti, Louisa Maxim, Liam McCombie, Kyle McGee, Laura Muller, Riya Jayesh Parmar, Kendall Rosario, Sabrina Santana, Chloe Selorio, Cheuk Ting Christy Sin, Meredith Toyama, Mikaela Ucherek, Nicole Zhang.

Closing event Thursday 15 April 5pm - 7pm RSVP essential.
Exhibition: 09-16 April
AD Space opening hours: 11am - 4pm, Fri 09 April - Fri 16 April
Closed Saturday + Sunday

About the Exhibition:

Pulse is an exhibition of Forty eight emerging artists creating bodies of work in response this moment in time.

Pulse is the final outcome for SAP5 - third year studio Art Practice Installation lab. For these students the lab incorporates concrete professional experience planning, curating, installing, exhibiting, documenting, and discussing artworks in a collaborative context. 

About Studio Art Practice:

Studio Art Practice is a sequence of six core courses that enables students to develop their independent artistic practice throughout the BFA program. This course provides opportunities for students to develop their emerging practice by critically reflecting on their creative journey so far, and planning ahead for the future.

Image Courtesy of Liam McCombie.



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