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Craig Bennett, Lorraine Brown, Margii Caldwell, Louisa Chircop, Pip Colley, Robert Czeiger, Ky-huy Do, Catherine Fox, Kathryn Fyfe, Shaun Gladwell, Corinne Hadley, Katy Harvey, Sally Hollis, Zeina Iaali, Cornelia Kather, Maria Christiana Kontis, Angela Langdon, Erlinda Lee, Michael Lindeman, Fiona Lobry, Anthony Ludwig, Techa Noble, Anthony O'Conner, Simon Power, Samantha Ryko, Jenny Stott, Susie Walsh-Weirman, Christina Yau,

23 September- 3 October

Waste of Space

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Waste of Space 

7 - 16 October 


20 October - 31 October

Etching With Time | Michelle Brown

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Etching With Time

Michelle Brown

1 -November- 14 November 

On Sacred Ground | Group Show

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On Sacred Ground 

Roswitha Adledinger, Paul Harrison, Jodie Cunningham, Corinne Handlry

17 November - 28 November

COFA Alumni 1500 Exhibition

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COFA Alumni 1500 Exhibition 

1 December- 12 December 

Student Association Selection

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Student Association Selection

16 December - 23 December



Formerly Arc @ UNSW A&D's off campus gallery, Kudos now offers a diverse program of dynamic satellite projects both on campus, off campus and online. Kudos was established in 1998.

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