Kudos Gallery 1999 Exhibition Archive


12 - 23 January  

2 - 27 February  

Heirlooms of Adoration

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Heirlooms of Adoration 

2 -13 March

Legendary Journeys

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Legendary Journeys 

16 - 27 March

Today's Juvenile Tracts Twill Both Instruct and Delight Thee Two | Joseph Harb

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Today's Juvenile Tracts Twill Both Instruct and Delight Thee Two

Joseph Harb 

6 - 17 April  

Figure 8 | Group Show

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Figure 8

Michael Bishop, Alex Cyreszko, Manya Ginori, Karen Jackson, Sophia Kouyoumjian, Michael Lindeman, Prudence Murphy, Mari Velonaki

20 April - 1 May 

Portraits of Art Brut Artists | Maria del Curto

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Portraits of Art Brut Artists 

Maria del Curto

4 - 15 May

Unreflective Immersions | Del Kathryn Barton

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Unreflective Immersions 

Del Kathryn Barton 

18 - 29 May



Formerly Arc @ UNSW A&D's off campus gallery, Kudos now offers a diverse program of dynamic satellite projects both on campus, off campus and online. Kudos was established in 1998.

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