Opportunities in your community

Opportunities in the wider art and design community. From Grants and prizes, to residencies and employment we've got you covered ;)

We've compiled a list of things to pull your creativity through the age of social distancing.

This is a tough time and we want you to remind you that it's ok to be gentle with yourself, take time out, rest and that it's ok for you to have a break and do nothing at all. 

Awards, Grants & Prizes

School of Humanities and Languages: China Photo Competition: Entries Close November 30

Tell your story and share your view of Chinese language and culture. To welcome Language and Culture Week held by the School of Humanities and Languages, the school will be hosting the 2021 China Photo Contest online this year.

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Student Comps Graphic Design Prize: Entries Close February 20, 2022

The Student Comps Graphic Design Prize provides student design enthusiasts with the chance to develop original design collateral for our three competitions, Campus Music Competition, Photo and Video Competition and Writing Competition. Prize $1000

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RISE Fund (organisations only)

The RISE Fund is supporting the arts and entertainment sector to reactivate. The program is targeting funding towards the arts and entertainment sector organisations to assist in the presentation of cultural and creative projects, activities and events...

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Education and Workshops

Diversified Co-production Workshop: Co-producing Ideas, Prototypes, and Strategies: December 17, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Are you a student or course convenor interested in inclusive teaching and learning? Diversified is a student led project with the aim to elevate student voice in course design.

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Employment & Volunteering

The Other Art Fair 2021 Volunteers: Applications close November 25

Join The Other Art Fair's Volunteer team to be part of Australia’s leading artist fair, gain experience in the art and event industry, and connect with like minded individuals while spending the weekend in the world of creative expression.

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Call Outs and Commissions

Fellowships, Scholarships and Residencies

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