Complaints and Appeals

Find out more about how to raise issues of concern to you, or object to something you disagree with.

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Academic Standing

Struggling with your academic standing? Firstly, don't panic and secondly, investigate lodging an appeal.

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Academic Suspension

If you've been suspended, find out more about how to appeal and re-enrol.

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If you're unpleasantly surprised by your marks this semester, don't despair. 

There may be a couple of options* still available to you to bring up that WAM. (*the time machine is currently out of order but we'll keep you posted).

Most importantly, remember that It's Okay To Fail. If you're struggling, find more tips and information on how to deal with it here.

I am not happy with my essay or exam marks. Can I ask for a review of results?

Yes. If you believe your mark in an assessment task is not a fair reflection of your performance in the task, you can apply for re-assessment. You must lodge your application online within 5 days of receiving the result, or in the case of an exam, within 5 days of the exam results being released.

What do I need to do?

Students no longer need to get approval from the Faculty prior to submitting the request, but you should first discuss your mark with your lecturer or the Course Authority first. You may find this discussion explains your results and assists your preparation for the next assessment task. If after these discussions you still do not feel that your result is justified or if there has been no change to the mark, you can apply for a review of the result.

You need to justify your request with reasons, and applications will be declined if insufficient reasons are given for the request.

What happens after I lodge an application?

If your School believes there are sufficient grounds to warrant a review, a fresh copy of the assessment task will be given to a different staff member for assessment. You can expect to receive notification of your reviewed results within about 4 weeks. If your application is declined, you will be notified through your university email.

Note: Lodging an application for a review of results can result in your overall mark going up or down.

I can't see my marks? I can only see WC, WD or WJ?

You've got Withheld results and need to get in touch with your course authority asap. Withheld results are where results can't be finalised on time either because there is a pending misconduct investigation or an extension has been given for an assessment making it due after release of results.

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