How to appeal against an academic suspension or exclusion 

If you have been suspended or excluded from UNSW due to poor academic performance, you have one chance to appeal the decision and ask the Re-Enrollment Committee to give you a second chance. 

In a nutshell, you need to explain what went wrong. Concisely outline the reasons why your performance has been less than satisfactory:

  • academic issues;
  • medical problems;
  • employment related problems;
  • course related problems;
  • family/personal problems.

These reasons must be out of your control and have greatly affected your ability to study.

You also need to explain what steps you have taken to overcome your problems and show a renewed commitment to your studies. The Re-Enrollment Appeal Committee needs to know that if you are given the chance to re-enrol, you will not make the same mistakes again and be confident that you are able to successfully complete your studies. 

For example, you may have cut down your working hours, taken some academic courses through the Learning Centre or are meeting regularly with a Counsellor.

Highlight any achievements which show that your circumstances have changed.

You can use this template as a guide. 

Supporting documents are really important. If you have discussed the above issues with a Doctor or Counsellor (or another professional, independent person), ask them to write a letter supporting your appeal and verifying the information you have given. 

While you have the right to appear before the Committee, it can be a very stressful experience and members will only take into account the information provided in your written statement. Our advice is to make sure that your appeal contains all the relevant information and says what you want to say. But if you do want to appear, you need to say so in your statement and be available in early February when the Committee meets. 

Attach your typed statement (plus any supporting documents) to the Appeal Application form and make sure you submit the form before the deadline (the deadline is different for Local and International students so check your suspension/exclusion letter for the relevant date). 

  • Submit in person to Student Central 


  • Mail to: 

STAR - Re-Enrolment Appeals 

Student Administration

UNSW Sydney 2052

Remember to allow extra days for posting or your appeal will not be accepted. 

There are no other avenues for appeal once the Committee makes it decision so it's really important that you disclose all relevant information in your written statement. For help or more information, please contact Arc Legal & Advocacy. 

Maximum Repeat Fails? 

This information also applies to anyone whose program has been terminated due to failing the same course four times. Please use this application form and follow this letter template to appeal to the Re-Enrolment Committee.  


Academic Standing Appeal Against Suspension or Exclusion: 

Academic Progression Appeal Against Suspension or Exclusion:

Legal & Advocacy

P:(02) 9385 7700


Arc Reception

P:02 9385 7700

H:9AM-6PM (during term), 9AM-5PM (other time)

M:PO Box 173 Kingsford NSW 2032

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