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Leadership Labs attracts students from all pockets of the university for an opportunity to hear from expert facilitators to help you grow personally and professionally. Whether you are looking to develop a specific skill for the workplace or are simply looking to find out more about yourself, we offer workshops and events that help you to start translating your visions to reality. No matter where you are at in your leadership journey, Leadership Labs will help you become the leader you would follow!

Leadership Labs is back with bite-sized workshops in Week 4!

Registrations will be open to general students from Friday 28 February.

You can read more about the topics schedule below.

All of the workshop locations for this event are wheelchair accessible.

If you have any accessibility needs or require any other adjustment to enable you to participate to the best of your ability, please email leadershiplabs@arc.unsw.edu.au (specifying your needs and which workshops you are attending) and we will do our best to accommodate.

Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional Intelligence is the biggest predictor of success, with higher EI having a much higher correlation to success than IQ! The good news is, you can improve your EI. Explore the meaning of Emotional Intelligence and how to practice it in your everyday life. As a Club Executive, this will help you understand other people’s feelings when working as a team and before/during a difficult conversation. With greater emotional intelligence comes greater ability to effectively manage, lead, inspire, motivate, and influence others.  

This workshop covers some similar content to the Grievance & Conflict Management workshop. Participants are welcome to attend both. 

Facilitated by: Amanda Carlon (Arc Student Services Project Manager) 


  • Monday 9th March, 11am-12:30pm at Arc Reception
  • Monday 9th March, 3-4:30pm at Arc Reception
  • Tuesday 10th March, 1-2:30pm at Arc Reception


Practical Grievance Handling 

Strongly recommended for roles with specific grievance responsibilities. 

A practical, how-to workshop on grievance procedures for Clubs. The Arc Clubs team will take you through the standard recommended procedure for dealing with grievances within your Club, and discuss when and how to apply it to a range of scenarios that require different approaches. Participants are encouraged to submit questions and scenarios in advance, so that we can help you come away with the confidence that you know how to handle a wide variety of situations and how to get help when you need it. 

This workshop is specific to procedures followed by and support available to Arc-affiliated Clubs, while the Grievance & Conflict Management workshop covers general soft skills for grievance & conflict management. 

Facilitated by: Lisa Brandenburg (Arc Clubs Coordinator) 


  • Tuesday 10th March, 10-11am at Arc Reception
  • Wednesday 11th March, 12-1pm at Arc Reception
  • Thursday 12th March, 12-1pm at Arc Reception


Grievance & Conflict Management

Strongly recommended for roles with specific grievance responsibilities.

Effectively managed conflict is a crucial component of high performing teams and organisations. Well-managed conflict can lead to positive change, innovation, personal and professional growth, and increased team cohesion and performance. This highly interactive workshop includes individual and group exercises, and extensive opportunity for the practice and reinforcement of skills and concepts introduced. Participation will help build the skills needed to:

  • Recognise & manage your own personal perceptions, experiences & biases relevant to conflict situations
  • Gain insight into your preferred approach to dealing with conflict situations to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Adopt an empathetic and engaging approach
  • Give and receive feedback in a way that maximises the likelihood of a win/win outcome
  • Understand how communications are impacted by word choice, tone and body language
  • Present opinions in a logical, clear and constructive manner.

This workshop covers some similar content to the Emotional Intelligence workshop. Participants are welcome to attend both. 

This workshop covers general soft skills for grievance & conflict management, while the Practical Grievance Handling workshop is specific to procedures followed by and support available to Arc-affiliated Clubs. 

Facilitated by: Mark Bramwell (Bramwell Solutions)  


  • Tuesday 10th March, 3:30-5pm at Arc Reception
  • Wednesday 11th March, 10:30-12pm at Arc Reception
  • Wednesday 11th March, 1:30-3pm at Arc Reception



What are your goals? According to Harvard University, only 3% of adults have clear, written goals. Whether, personally, professionally, financially or for your club, goals are absolutely crucial. In this workshop, you will learn a methodology to set goals, create momentum, set an action plan in place to start achieving them.

Facilitated by: Josh Farr (Campus Consultancy)  


  • Friday 13th March, 10-11:30am at UNSW Design Next Studio

What Motivates Teams

You cannot motivate someone until you know what motivates them. In this workshop, you will learn about your own motivations, stepping through the top-6 drivers of behaviour. It’s like magic! From the shoes you wear, to the food you ordered at the café last weekend, the world will never look the same again once you attend this workshop. You will be equipped to build deeper relationships with your team members, learn what they need from you & how to motivate them with this newfound understanding.

Facilitated by: Josh Farr (Campus Consultancy)  


  • Friday 13th March, 12-1:30pm at UNSW Design Next Studio

Identifying & Maximising Your Club’s Value Proposition

Why does your club exist? We believe leaders serve their communities & add value to their members. But what is ‘value’? In this workshop, we show you an innovative process, teaching you how to use empathy & entrepreneurial techniques to deeply understand your student audience, what they need & how to deliver it. You will walk away with a whole new view of your members & new ideas on how to engage them, boosting your membership & your participation rates.   

Facilitated by: Josh Farr (Campus Consultancy)  


  • Friday 13th March, 2:30-4pm at UNSW Design Next Studio

Partnerships & Sponsorships

What makes a great partnership? In this workshop, we show you how to create win-win partnerships by understanding 3-types of value you can receive, 3-types of value you can deliver & how understanding the needs of your partner leads to previously unreachable results. You will experience a role-play to practice the skills in real time & leave with scripts & strategies to hit the ground running.

Facilitated by: Josh Farr (Campus Consultancy) 


  • Friday 13th March, 4:30-6pm at UNSW Design Next Studio

Amanda Carlon

Arc Student Services Project Manager

Amanda has 7 years experience working in training and development in tertiary education, she has worked with thousands of students in the UK and Australia. She has a BA in anthropology and sociology, Cert 4 in Training and Assessment, and accreditation in strength-finding. Amanda is driven to help people embrace and develop their potential – whether it be in the areas of communication and emotional intelligence, or wellness and resilience. Her focus is on boosting an individual’s skills, strengths and confidence. “I love the work I do and have been privileged to help many young leaders to be their best.” 

Lisa Brandenburg

Lisa Brandenburg

Arc Clubs Coordinator

Lisa is a full-time member of the Arc Clubs team, which supports more 300 Arc-affiliated Clubs. She passionate about creating a culture within Arc-affiliated Clubs that is equitable, diverse and inclusive, and where grievances related to Clubs are handled appropriately and sensitively.

She wants Club Grievance Officers to feel well equipped and supported in handling issues, and for Club Members and students to feel welcomed by all Clubs and confident in raising grievances with Clubs or with Arc directly.

Mark Bramwell

Mark Bramwell

Bramwell Solutions

Mark launched Bramwell Solutions in 2007 with the mission to inspire people to realise their full potential, and to help organisations build high-performing and engaged teams. Bramwell Solutions represents the culmination of over two decades of study in organisational psychology, human behaviour and practical consulting experience. Mark has assisted individuals and organisations improve their leadership skills, turn around poor team dynamics, improve individual and team productivity, and substantially enhance capability in areas such as Assertive Communication and Conflict Management. Beginning his career working in consulting, senior consulting and leadership roles at nationally acclaimed consulting firms, Mark has honed his expertise across the areas of interpersonal skills training, executive coaching and employee engagement surveys. 

Josh Farr

Josh Farr

Campus Consultancy

Josh Farr graduated from UNSW & took a graduate role at one of the most prestigious engineering companies in Australia. The only problem was, he was totally unfulfilled. He took a leap of faith & spent the following 2 years traveling to 39 countries before finally asking himself, "What can I do to serve others?”

In 2017, Josh founded Campus Consultancy & has since served more than 3800 student leaders from 24 universities through his workshops on leadership, entrepreneurship & emotional intelligence to help them build their own thriving, connected student communities that focus on doing social good. 



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