Molly's Story

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At just four years old, Molly’s world turned upside down when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia – a type of blood cancer that affects her blood and bone marrow. Suddenly, playgrounds and playdates in her hometown of Junee were replaced with hospital beds and blood tests at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick - where she’s currently receiving world-class treatment.

Receiving the news of Molly’s diagnosis was made even more challenging due to the impacts of COVID-19. While most of NSW were staying home, doing their bit to protect the community, Molly’s family had to leave the security of theirs. Despite the elevated anxieties surrounding this, the hospital made sure the family had everything they needed during this difficult time.

Molly’s been through more than in her short life, than what most people go through in a lifetime. To date, she’s undergone seven rounds of chemo and 14 general anaesthetics. I really don’t think she could have got through it without the incredible support provided by the Child Life Therapy team at the hospital,” explained Katrina, Molly’s mum.

Through every procedure, round of chemo, scans and tests, someone from the team was always there right beside Molly to ensure she was in the right frame of mind and understood what was happening to her. This made a world of difference.”

Child Life Therapy helps provide a positive experience for kids in hospital. Using age-appropriate music, play and language, can help prepare for procedures, reduce anxiety, and develop resilience and self-esteem – something so important for kids like Molly.

Closing in on 12 months of treatment, Molly still has long road ahead of her but her cheeky grin and fighting spirt remains thanks to the incredible support of her Child Life Therapist, Kylie, and the whole team at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

I will be eternally grateful to the Hospital’s Child Life Therapy department who’ve offered Molly a source of comfort and security through this scary time. The team are experts in their field, and I don’t think you can truly understand their impact, unless you’ve been in similar shoes. They’re our superstars.

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