What is FUN-A-THON?

The biggest event on the Phil' calendar is FUN-A-THON, our fundraising marathon. In teams, participants compete against each other in challenges to raise money for Child Life & Music Therapy at The Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick. Every hour, on the hour there is a different challenge each with an element of fun: from karaoke to silent disco to yoga. 

Fun-A-Thon 2021, held online for 12 hours, raised over $50,000! It's an absolutely massive achievement, and we're so thankful to the 20 teams that participated and to everyone who supported each team member. 

We are very excited to see where 2022 takes us!

'What did you love about the Fun-A-Thon?'

"the overnight activities, there is something special about being on campus at that time when everyone else has gone home.”

“the midnight silent disco, is was amazing! Also the people running it!”

“ Fun-A-Thon is the biggest and most rewarding event I've ever been a part of! You get to bond so much with your team and get a bit of a competitive kick in each of the hourly challenges, which are always something different, fun and related to the cause."

“it was amazing being able to spend 24 hours getting to know the people from my team better. We did a lot of bonding over the time and it really strengthened our relationships. It’s kind of amazing how quickly the 24 hours went by because of how much fun we were having.”

“It's hard to believe how much of a difference you can make as a participant, not only in raising valuable funds for children in need, but also acting as advocates for the Child Life and Music Therapy Unit. This will forever be one of the fondest memories I will keep from my time at UNSW!” 

“how it brought a large group of people from across the whole spectrum of the uni to work together to raise such a significant amount of money for an amazing cause, all while having the most fun!”

“the sense of community and the way it made my heart Phil' ”

"getting together as a team and doing something for the people who make kids’ lives better while they are going through their journey in hospital.”

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