• Have you or one of your members injured themselves while participating in a UNSW Sport Club activity or at an Arc Sport event (e.g. UniGames / Nationals)?
  • Have either you or your member incurred medical expenses because of the injury?
  • Are you (or the member) either a UNSW Student (part or full-time) or a financial member of a UNSW Sport Club?

You can make a claim through UNSW's Insurance company*. For all information around UNSW Personal Accident Insurance, head to their page here.

* Your club may already have insurance through your governing body, so then there is no need to file through for insurance through UNSW.

To Claim:

  1. Club Executive/Team Manager (TM)/Coach completes Arc Sport's Incident Report.
  2. Claimant (injured person) fills out Personal Injury Claim Form, except for page 8.
  3. Claimant sends filled form to Club Executive/TM/Coach (person that filled out the Incident Report).
  4. Club Executive/TM/Coach signs page 8 and sends back to claimant.
  5. Claimant sends form and supporting evidence** to A&HClaims.AU@chubb.com

** If you believe that you will have outgoing treatment, submit the Claim Form and make the Insurance company aware. They will keep the claim open so that you can continue to send incurred expenses.

Arc Sport would suggest putting in a claim as soon as you are aware that you have or will be incurring medical expenses. Conditions apply, see here for further details.

Other Insurance

Certificate of Currency

If you need a Certificate of Currency, email sport@arc.unsw.edu.au to access to the link below.

Other Types of Insurance

For any other UNSW Insurance, find all information here.