Miriam Chiu

I always believe in work hard, play hard

Miriam is a final year postgraduate student studying translation and interpreting. This is her second year of She Can and she's having a ball!

Now in her second and final year of studying translation and interpreting as a postgraduate, Miriam is excited to be involved in She Can for another year. She completed her undergraduate degree in Hong Kong, where she grew up, but as a UNSW newbie, she was keen to get involved in as many sports as possible.

First, I just wanted to get involved in something. I used to play sports as well and I think that [She Can] was a good place to start. Like, with common interests and things I enjoy doing. I missed the first week of Festival of Sport, and then later on I saw that there was She Can, so I joined that, and well, voila, I’m having fun!

I used to play baseball, but I do water sports as well. I do a lot of things. I do kayaking and windsurfing. I do a lot of sports, but there are just a few that I’m pretty focused on. Mostly baseball, but here, through She Can, I’m trying different things as well. I like to try different things, I’m open to different options.

I think I missed out on too much when I was an undergrad, I didn’t join too much when I was in Hong Kong. Here it feels different. The atmosphere is work hard, play hard, whereas in Hong Kong, it’s always work hard. I like it here because I think people here are more not just about work, whereas in Hong Kong it’s just work, work, work. Everything is about study and work and that’s not a life I want!

I think another thing about She Can, is that it’s all girls. I’m not saying it’s not fun to play with boys, I grew up with boys. When I was in high school, I formed a baseball team with my brother and I was the only girl on the team. ‘Hong Kong’, ‘baseball’, and ‘girl’ just don’t go together! I enjoy playing with boys, but playing with girls is more comfortable and I feel more secure.

I’m actually determined to do Kung Fu, I’ve already joined. I’ve wanted to do Wing Chun for a very long time, because of the movie, and because I am a fan of Bruce Lee. He first started learning Kung Fu, and then he developed his own style of course, and I’m so excited! I’m asking all my friends to join, I’m like, “Come on! Come on!”. I’ve met a lot of new friends. It’s just a once in a while thing, but it’s amazing how there’s something you share in common, like a love for sports, and then, pah! Good friends!

I think one very important thing is that you don’t have to be very sporty to come. Some people are like "Oh, I don’t do sports", but you can be sporty sometimes! I always believe in work hard, play hard. I can be quiet, focus, or be whatever at that moment, and then be sporty at that moment. It’s just that moment, you just enjoy yourself.  

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