All Arc Sports clubs are required to have a Commonwealth Bank account and use the CommBiz facility to create and approve club bank transactions. As per your Affiliation Agreement, your club must maintain proper accounts in the form prescribed by Arc at all times, and not establish or maintain bank accounts other than those provided by Arc unless written approval by Arc Sport has been obtained.

Wherever possible, club expenses should be paid directly from the club bank account, although members can be reimbursed for expenses which they incur on behalf of the club. All money received by the club must be paid directly into the club account. Under no circumstances should a club member receive money owed to the club into personal accounts.

We prescribe all Clubs to make use of a Club account, with little or no cash handling. In the case where a Club makes use of cash handling, receipts need to be written and recorded. In the case where PayPal is used a Club PayPal needs to be set up with at least two Executive members to have access and authorisation for the account.

Approval Process

For security purposes, all Sport Club CommBiz accounts have an approval process for all expenses. It is a requirement that for every expense there is a requirement to have at least two authorisers of the transaction.

All Sport Clubs have the opportunity to request a change to the default Approval amounts, via email to However, the default amounts and required Authorities are as follows:

  • Transactions between $0 and $5,000 will require two club executives to approve
  • Transactions over $5,000 will require one club executive and one Arc staff members to approve

For any transactions above $5,000 fill out this form with a copy of the invoice#. Allow 2-3 business days for these to be approved.

# These invoices are only kept on file for a maximum of 4 weeks. Clubs should maintain these invoices for their own records.

Adding New Executives to the Account

If the process is followed correctly, the process to make a new Executive an authority on your CommBiz account can take as little as two weeks, however if not, it can blow out to more than a month.

For a new Executive to gain access to the CommBiz account, the club will need to provide with a copy of the minutes from your recent AGM/EGM, noting the new Executive(s).

The user(s) will need a personal CBA account. If the new user does not have a personal CBA account, they will need to obtain a customer ID by going into a branch with their ID.

The process is as follows:

  • New user completes this form.
  • After 2-3 business days, the user will receive:
    • a text with a login ID
    • an e-mail with a temporary password and link to login to CommBiz
  • Login and update details, including security questions and a login ID unique to CommBiz (does not affect any other CommBank personal accounts)
  • User will then be prompted to sign in to their personal CommBank.
  • If there is an error with matching the names a CommBiz User ID Form must be completed. Please ensure the name in the form is the same as the name on the CBA bank account/customer ID.
  • Let know when this process is complete.

Removal of Old Executive

Ensure that the new user is in place prior to removing the old exec as this may hamper your club getting invoices approved.

To remove old execs, email

Arc Finance Auditing

As per Arc’s policy, ALL Sport Club accounts must be audited once during the year. Every month Arc Finance audits a selection of Sport Clubs through random selection. The nominated Sport Club representative must provide invoices as proof for selected transactions made on the club account.

The representative will need to provide supporting documentation (invoices, receipts, email correspondence etc.) for the selected transactions. Failure to provide supporting documentation may result in restrictions placed on the Sport Clubs account and further account investigation will ensue.