Whether you're training on the field, competing alongside your teammates or just hanging out on campus with your Sport Club crew, you and your uniform are representing Arc Sport and UNSW. And when you're reppin' the team, you gotta dress to impress.

Follow this handy dandy style guide to ensure that, along with all of our Clubs, your uniform is looking fresh and profresh.

All designs will need to be approved by Arc Sport before printing.

Please send finalised designs to sport@arc.unsw.edu.au

If you require Arc Sport's recommended supplier please get in touch with us.

How long does design approval take?

Dependent on your designs, approval will take 1-4 weeks. The closer you stay to this guide, the quicker the approval.

What about specifications for playing socks?

Socks must be predominantly black with yellow accents (if a secondary colour is required), there are no other branding guidelines outside of this.

How can I get access to the logo files linked below?

E-mail sport@arc.unsw.edu.au for access.

This information is correct as of MAR 2022.

Uniform Approval Submission (Coming Soon!)