Underwater Rugby off to Berlin!

Underwater Rugby off to Berlin!

Underwater Rugby off to Berlin!

Off to Berlin!

Our UNSW Whales sent sent three teams (two mixed, one women’s and a total of 31 players) at the UWRA Nationals in Adelaide on the 25th-27th of May 2018.

After coming first of their group stage, the Whales A made it to the semi-finals against the Victoria Seadragons where our team won 4-1. That win led the team to an intense final against the Brisbane Gauls A, right until the end it was hard to know which team will take the victory but our Whales pushed through and won 5-4. With this incredible win, the team, now the Australian National Champions has earned its ticket for the second time now to the Berlin Champions Cup to compete against all the top clubs around the globe in November. In addition, our very own Manakon Eammano took the top goal scoring award for scoring 15 goals during the competition!

Our Whales B made a remarkable performance too. With 5 players playing their very first competition, the team came 9th out of 10 by winning their last game 9-5 to the Brisbane Gauls B. Nationals is always hard for newer teams as all the teams competing train very hard to try to obtain the title of National Champions but I was impressed by the positive attitude the team had for the whole weekend and the noticeable improvements from the team throughout the competition. There is so much potential in these new players and I hope they choose to stick through with the sport and be the future of our A team.

Special mention to our girls who played with the Whales B on top of their women’s games!

This Nationals was quite historic as it was the very first time Australia had a Women’s League. Our women’s team, the UNSW Platypuses had a great debut with 4 of the girls competing for the first time! We came 4th out of 5 but all the games were so close, with a 3-1 win against the Breathtaking Adelaide Dolphins, a 2-4 loss to the Convicts from Tasmania, a 2-2 draw with the Brisbane Gauls and a 0-1 loss to the Dragonettes from Victoria. The whole women’s league was very close and we want to congratulate the Dragonettes for being the first Australian female Champions! Our women’s team, being only one year old has grown and improved so much, I am so excited to see where the team is going to go in the future and what the future of women in Underwater Rugby in Australia is going to be like.

However, what made the club stand out the most throughout the competition was the support we showed to one another as the different teams played. The club culture of the UNSW Whales is something I have never seen in any other club in my sporting experience before and I am utterly proud to be part of this family/pod.

Finally, the UNSW Whales want to thank the Adelaide White Pointers for hosting and organising along with the Underwater Rugby Australia Committee and all the referees one of the best Underwater Rugby competition we have ever been to! Congratulations to all the other teams who competed during the weekend and thank you for creating an atmosphere of sportsmanship and friendship in the sport around the country

Claire Rocuet
Club President

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