Underwater Rugby

Play ball (underwater).

What is Underwater Rugby?

Underwater rugby is a fast paced, three-dimensional team sport where players jostle underwater to get the ball into a basket at the bottom of the pool. Underwater rugby is traditionally played in a 5m deep pool, however, UNSW also play in a 2m and 4m deep pool.

Each team has 6 players in the water: 2 forwards, 2 defenders and 2 goalies. Each player wears a mask, snorkel and fins.

About the Underwater Rugby Club

Underwater Rugby is a full contact team sport played in a deep pool with players wearing mask, snorkel and fins, aiming to score goals in the opponents’ basket on either end of the pool. We have a Mixed team (the Whales) and a Women’s team (the Platypuses).

The club offers social and competitive games, and skilled players have the opportunity to play for the Australian team at the World Championships every 4 years. Our UNSW Whales A team is currently ranked #1 in Australia.

Membership is open to both UNSW students and non-students.


There are a few competitions per year. These range from smaller, more socially orientated tournaments with a party night to larger, more serious competitions, where the winner of the Underwater Rugby Australia Nationals competition can represent Australia in the World Cup.

Training times and locations:

Regular training: Sunday 10.30am and Thursday 6.45pm at Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre.

We are offering a free beginners session Sunday 21 February at Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre (end of Week 1). We are also able to introduce players to the sport at any time of the year, offering a few free training sessions while you decide if this is the sport for you.


$15 for UNSW Students/Alumni/Arc staff (paid Annually) – provides insurance in case of injury

$13 per training session for UNSW Students/Alumni/Arc staff (paid monthly)

Find out more at the UNSW Underwater Rugby website.

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