Village Green Multi Use Court Bookings

The Village Green comes complete with 2 caged multi use courts which are perfect for Futsal, Basketball, Netball and Volleyball! Bookings will open upon court completion, currently expected for early November.

Please note the following before completing your booking request:

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​Who can book Village Green?

The caged multi-use courts can be booked by any university member be they staff, student, clubs or colleges if they have a valid Zid. The synthetic pitch however can only be booked by Faculty, Clubs or Colleges or for large scale events, via the Booking Request Form on our website. 

How far out do I need to book?

Multi-courts and half court booking can be made up to the time of booking on the day whilst pitch and function room bookings require a minimum 7 days notice. 

Do I need a booking to come down and use the Village Green?

Not at all! Arc Sport offer a bunch sports programs, in addition if you head to our website and look at the timetable and see open usage that means you and your mates can come and use the facility as it is currently not booked and free to use by anyone. It is the intention of Arc Sport to ensure there will always be free space for students and staff to come down and use the Village Green regardless of bookings. 

How often can I book facilities?

In the initial phase we are asking students and staff to limit bookings to one hour a week so that everyone can have a go. The booking software allows for booking for up to an hour and we ask that once your hour is up you make space for other users. If you require repeat bookings, please reach out and contact us at Arc Sport. 

Using the Online Portal

Making an Online Booking

  1. Select the date for your booking from the calendar
  2. Click on a vacant (white) cell in the booking table that indicates the start time and space for your booking
  3. Select the end time for your booking
    1. Note that bookings can only be made up to 1 hour in duration
  4. Enter in your family name and email to Log In
    1. If you don't have a Log In profile please see instructions ->
  5. Select the finish time for your booking
  6. Hit "Submit" to book your space

Creating a New Profile

  1. Select the date and time for your booking and select "book"
  2. Select "I am a new customer and wish to create a profile"
  3. Enter in your details as prompted
  4. Click Book

book here - Bookings will open when court construction completed est. Early November

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