Volunteers United aims to bring value to our student volunteers in the form of experience, community, and a chance to give back. Our students are of utmost importance to us as they donate their time and efforts to help make a positive difference in the community.  

Some of our previous impact making care packages for women in shelters, embroidering bandannas for rescue dogs, bushcare and tree-planting in parklands throughout Sydney, reading to students in rural and low socio-economic areas, and so much more!

Why Volunteer?

FUN – Sign up for a good time with a community of passionate students driven to get engaged in our local community. You can fly solo, volunteer with your mates or come along and meet someone new.

FLEXIBLE – You can choose when, where and how much time you give. 

FEELS GOOD – Volunteer to give back to our community and find a passion while you are at it. 

FUTURE - Up skill and gain valuable experience on your terms. When you volunteer with the Volunteers United your contribution will also be recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

Why Volunteers United?

How do I join?

1. Make sure you are an Arc member. You can sign up here

2. Apply for Volunteers United.

3. Sign in to SpArc, the student membership portal to access all things Clubs and Volunteering.

4. Click Volunteers United.

5. Find a volunteer opportunity.

6. Volunteer and DO SOME GOOD! 

How do I get involved?

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Good Deed Days

Come along with Volunteers United and get out into the community to volunteer!

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