Why Volunteer?

FUN ♡ whether you're with your mates or looking to find new ones, you can be part of a warm community that makes sure you have an enjoyable time making the world a better place!

FLEXIBLE ↺ you get to choose how much time you give and with tons of opportunities available you will surely find one that fits your schedule!

FEELS GREAT ☆ Giving back to the community and helping someone out is sure to give you the warm and fuzzies <3

Volunteers United aims to provide our beloved student volunteers with experience, community, and a chance to give back and make an impact!

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Want to get more involved? Every term we recruit a team of Program Activators to help bring the Volunteers United Program come to life!

The Program Activator role is a Senior Volunteer role that entails the handling of the organisational, logistical and student facing aspects of all Volunteers United (VU) events. This includes assisting in planning and executing on-campus activations and being involved in the planning process of VU events.  

What are your responsibilities in this role? 

  • Having a good understanding of the program and our partner organizations 

  • Assisting in planning and organizing VU events 

  • Looking into the logistics of on-campus events 

  • Supervising and briefing General Volunteers and running program activations 

  • Engaging students and potential volunteers at program activations 

  • Assisting in managing communications between partners and coordinators 

  • Assisting with content creation for VU events 

  • Participating in at least one event organized by a Partner organization during Term 1 

Approximate weekly hours  

3-4 hours a week (Including shift hours) 

Program Activators must attend a mandatory training session on the 24th of February (Saturday)

Applications are closed for Term 1 but will be open again in Term 2!

All about Volunteers United!

How do I join?

1. Make sure you are an Arc member. You can sign up here!

2. Log into to SpArc and select the 'Volunteers United' tab.

3. Read through all the opportunities and choose the ones you like!

4. Click 'Volunteer' for the chosen opportunities and fill out the fields with your availabilities.

5. Wait to be contacted by the organising partner, or e-mail them to follow up!

6. Go and do some good ♡

Bonus Tip: Join our Facebook Group for more updates! ☆

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