Jessica Lazarus


Miniature Sculptures

PhD in Neuroscience & Anatomy

Hey Jessica - For those who haven't seen your work before, tell us a bit about what you do and make.

Hi there! I am a new artist who hand-sculpts miniature animal models using a medium called polymer clay. Hence, my brand name is ‘Pygmy Creations’. When I sculpt my miniatures, I tend to stick to animals, including aquatic, terrestrial, and amphibious creatures. I also sculpt fantasy creatures such as unicorns, dragons, elves, gnomes, and other fantastical beauties. Many people have also asked me to custom-sculpt their fur babies which is truly a heap of fun!

Your miniatures are absolutely adorable! Is there anything that you like about making tiny versions of things in particular?

Thank you! I enjoy every bit of the process from hand-sculpting the tiny features of my Pygmy Creations, to the meticulous paint-job, and finally the finishing touch – painting on the high-gloss glaze. It’s so satisfying to see the tiny creatures materialise throughout the whole process to the final stage, particularly since each creation is one-of-a-kind. There is no doubt that the wonderful feeling of creating my miniatures is extra special when I custom-sculpt fur babies for people – their reactions are just gorgeous, and they always deeply appreciate my interpretation of their beloved pets. It’s safe to say that sculpting miniature models has definitely captured both my heart and spirit.

We saw that you've studied Bachelor of Medical Science and are currently enrolled in a PhD program. What got you into sculpting on the side of your studies?

My love of art began at a very tender age, and so did my love of animals and fantasy creatures. I am convinced that if I didn’t study in the discipline of Medical Science, I would have ended up studying something in the broad discipline of Arts, perhaps painting, sculpting, or music. Evidently, my love of art eventually manifested itself as Pygmy Creations and all the miniature sculptures I make, in spite of my current academic career.

Speaking of exhibitions and cool projects, do you have any other exciting ones coming up that we should keep our eyes out for?

I am currently completing my PhD thesis, and so I am taking a little step back from my art. Once it’s done (by the end of 2019) you can bet I will start on new projects, especially with Christmas coming up. I also hope to take my art to other exhibitions. I have plans to take my Pygmy Creations to the UNSW markets, where I will both exhibit and sell my work. I am thinking of expanding into jewellery-making as well.

Do you have any advice for those who are looking to play around with polymer clay sculpting?

My advice would be pretty simple: just buy a small block of polymer clay and go nuts! Practice with the medium will naturally improve your skills. Once you get a hang of the how the medium feels and works, you can be free to let your imagination take the reins!

Final question! Do you have any shower thoughts, quick rambles or just something you want to share with the world?

I have a quote I’d like to share: “Work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life” – Jessica Hische

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