Artist of the Week

We're bringing you the latest and greatest emerging young artists of Sydney.

Designers, illustrators, photographers... you name it, we've got it. We've found some of the best local artists around Sydney and asked them about their creative processes, upcoming works and their insight into the art scene.

Check out our online gallery of artists and their interviews below!

Melissa Carey

Talitha Hanna

Sandra Rose Brand

Monica Renaud

Tiffany Ho

Zuhairah Dindar

Leonie Kneipp

Tiyan Baker

Laura Lucy

Gillian Jansz

Rosie Thomas

Marin Loo

Grace McCloskey

Gemma Anderson

Elise Catterall

Mika Benesh

Anakha Menon

Dylan Goh

Abby Standish

Vintii Aggarwal

Kevin Wang

Jess Chen

Em Deusien

Shamanthi Rajasingham

Jayden So

Remy Faint

Genelly Abecina

Leo Shum

Andrina Manon

Lorelai Ivory

Hyun Jee Cho

Laura Kenny

Martina Martian

Demii Whiffin

Naomi Segal

Millie Hall

Tulliz Moriah

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