Tiffany Ho


Interdisciplinary Artist (Sculpture, Installation, Performance, Painting, Animation, Photography and Illustration)

B Fine Arts (Honours), 2nd Year

Hey Tiffany! First thing - how did you get started as a contemporary artist?

At the age of 15 art became my escape route to express my inner thoughts and feelings, but I did not label my methodology towards art by then. However, as time goes by, I understand art better. I believe I can help others from my arts, capturing the world of today, and reflect the complex issues that shape our diverse, global. By the start of university, I came to realise the title of contemporary artist. I think it's important to create within the trend line in this century and society, forward not backwards developing.

It seems like you've created artworks using all types of media including illustration, photography and performance pieces. Which one has been your favourite to work with and why?

As an artist, I certainly enjoyed all types of media, but I don't think is rightful to define me as a sculptor, painter or so. I don't want to be limited or labelled by the types of media I will use. Nonetheless, If I must choose, sculpture is most favoured. For the sake of working with 3D material, excites my senses more.

What kind of concepts and ideas do you like exploring through your work?

I mainly focus on the less spoken side of humanity, the darker part. Such as death, depression, mental illness and so on. Which supposedly is the important parts of our life that are usually neglected by the community or less discussed.

We heard that you're exhibiting during Artsweek in Week 4! Can you tell us what you'll be creating?

I will be demonstrating three installation artwork pieces in the Artsweek, “Broken Dreams”, “The Mother Nature”, “Love Seen”. They’re trying to express a correlated inner feeling in a different topic. The objective is to enable the audience to share and embrace the same feeling of how the work expresses itself. The predominant thinking behind it is to allow people to reflect their unspoken realistic negative side. Those that have been deeply hidden and unwilling to be expressed by the majority. Hence, I hope the community can be touched. By understanding the stories and my artworks, the emotions. A role to trigger the inner self and enable our neglected thoughts to connection.

How did you come up with this piece for Artsweek?

These three pieces were part of my previous arts collections. However, by using the opportunity of the Artsweek. I further the extended their characters, hence, each art pieces have been reengineered. But standing for the same concepts. (It’s like updating your iOS 9 to iOS 10, Holding similar principles but the icing on the cake!)

Speaking of projects and exhibitions, you've participated in quite a few. What's been your favourite work you've created?

I think artist and creator are the same, every piece of work is done heartfully. Hence, each of them is favoured in the same extent. However, my favourite one is “persistent” which is my first personal exhibition. As this exhibition was not set by any framework or suit any requirements. Each of the art pieces created full-heartedly, demonstrating my emotional states and brings a powerful sensation of my story. Which I think the feeling is somewhat less appeal as we are becoming a more professional artist, we need to suit different demands and frameworks. Etc. Limited by the course on the materials and topics and more important is to meet the taste and the trend of the desired stakeholders.

Feel free to check them out, the Persistent exhibition here

Do you have any projects coming up that we should keep our eyes out for?

There’s a coming project, on a fusion of Art, Music and technologies into the artwork... The notion behind is partially originated from Macau where I was born. It’s a multicultural place, so I've been deeply influenced by both Chinese and western culture (Portuguese). Hence, this would add influence on the style of the piece.

The focus would be on Tambourines, painting and drawing on it. The brief layout would be multiples of Tambourines and using the help of technologies to hit on them and create their musical voice sound. I chose it because I played with it a lot when I was a child. This is still on the working process, the thought progress of mind is not settled yet, hence I would work on my sudden ideas and concepts that came to my mind. If you want to check it out, Instagram would have updates on my works :)

Final question! Is there anything else you want to share with the world - it could be a quick ramble, shower thought or something deep...

I believe everyone is an artist, even a child may possibly draw better than me. Having been said that everyone is an artist in some form, using art to express itself. There’s no right or wrong, beautiful or ugly. In my definition, art is a form of expression. When my life went downhill, art was a significant part of my life helps me to express my deep sorrows. I hope the person that is looking at the article, could relax, put all the trouble thoughts away, and use 5 min. Try to use art and communicate with the inner voice.

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